What are Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Car accidents usually occur due to the negligence of one or more drivers. But both parties suffer the damages of the car accident regardless of whose mistake caused the accident. Fortunately, the law allows the victim to sue the at-fault driver and recover the damages in the form of compensation. 

However, car lawsuits are not easy as they seem. Car accident settlement cases are complicated and may take time, from a couple of months to even years, to reach the settlement. It involves a lot of paperwork, evidence collection, negotiation, insurance companies, damage evaluation, and so much more that a person can’t manage on his own. 

Thats why it’s wise to consult a reputable law firm with a significant amount of resources like Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer to take care of your case and get you the maximum amount of settlement. They will fight for you while you are recovering from accident injuries or trauma. 

While lawyers take good care of your case, everyone still should know about the recoverable damages in a car accident lawsuit so you won’t get lowballed by anyone. Keeping that in mind, we’ve prepared a full list of all types of recoverable damages that you can get in a car accident case. 

#1: Medical Bills 

If you have just had a car accident, your injuries may vary from small bruises to major disabilities. Some injuries may show symptoms very soon, but some may take time, and a lot of medical examinations are required.

As a result of the car accident, one may have to go through these examinations to get the correct idea of how injured he or she may have gotten. And for those examinations, a huge medical bill is made, which the defendants should compensate. 

The at-fault party is supposed to pay all the bills, including ambulance service to medical consultations in the future.

#2: Property Damages

From vehicle damage to medical bills, all damages can be legally compensated by the at-fault party. The at-fault party is responsible for all the payments required to make the vehicle able to work properly. Whether it’s a small scratch or a huge bump, the at-fault party is responsible for that. In addition to that, if some irreplaceable thing is damaged during the accident, the victim can demand high settlement for that as well.

#3: Loss of consortium 

If a married person is injured and has lost the ability to show affection, then that damage is also in the hands of the defendants. In legal terms, this damage is named as loss of consortium, and it is known as if the victim has lost the ability to participate in sexual activity. Not all details of the case are something that a normal person would be aware of, and in that case, a lawyer is the best person who will provide you with the advice you will need to get justice.

#4: Post-accident bills

Some injuries are so severe that they may require medical examinations for a long time. Injuries requiring medical consultations are very costly, and the at-fault party compensates that amount because they were the reason the accident occurred. Disfigurement damages are also included in personal injury, and it is damage that is the full responsibility of the defendants.

#5: Life quality damage 

A traumatic accident may leave someone in a bad mental or body state. This effect impacts the quality of life of the injured person. These injuries may result in disabilities that will affect the quality of life.

Is it worth hiring a car accident lawyer to get the claims?

A normal person in these circumstances will not tackle the insurance company very well. A better lawyer will be the best option for you to make your case stronger and will be able to represent your case in a really great way. A great lawyer will help you in all the legal proceedings and strategically carry your case. A better lawyer will help you in all the required negotiations and help you deal with the insurance company. 

Who is responsible for the accident claims and damages?

If an accident occurs because of the driver’s negligence and the victim is suffering from injuries and vehicle loss. The defendants are fully responsible for the accident. If you face mishaps like this, then you have a chance to claim special or general damages. All the legal proceedings will be aided by the help of your lawyer, from which you will get the best legal advice.


Car accidents can involve several different types of recoverable damages depending on each individual’s case. If you or someone close to you has suffered in a car accident, then you should not delay and get professional help immediately. You can do that by contacting an experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer near you.

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