What are powered winches and their usage?

Powered winches

            If you are pulling conductors in a power line construction or lifting a hunk of wood for an arborist job or carrying a caravan on your travels, powered winches can make light work of heavy lifting instantly. There are a few of the best-powered winches.

Types of Powered Winches:

Portable Battery Powered Winch

           The portable battery-powered winch is the ideal product for caravan and boat pulling, loading trailers, and various arborist work. It is designed for both liftings and for pulling, this portable powerhouse has a lifting capacity of 100kg with the capability to lift that load for at least 12minutes continuously at full charge. Meanwhile, its pulling capacity is even more imposing, with a maximum pulling weight of about 400kg. It is supplied with a charging unit and double 24V Nimh rechargeable batteries and this lightweight winch is perfect for lifting jobs when you are out and about.

Battery Powered Portable Winch

                This is supplied in a tough plastic case for storage convenience and this portable winch is perfect for outdoor chases and pulling jobs where the power supply is scarce. This is also a part of the LftinGear range but this product is capable of lifting to 140kg and this is fitted with a brake for added safety and ease of use. In the meantime, its pulling power is accomplished by hauling up to 750kg. To put that into viewpoint, that equates to 60 gold bars. The case also comprises a variety of accessories, most highly 2 rechargeable LI-ION battery packs and another charging unit.

Harken Rigger’s Winch

               The Rigger’s Winch is a flexible and lightweight solution to all lifting needs. It will weigh just 7kg and these CE-certified powered winches have the complete pulling power of up to 70 times their weight, with a supreme tolerable load of 500kg. The vigorous adapter plate allows it to be mounted in a diversity of ways, allowing for use even in remote and stimulating environments, from stage rigging and telecoms to all work and for marine use. In the meantime, the winch itself structures 17-4 PH stainless steel load-carrying all gears and pins for improved reliability, while the unique drum design also improves rope grip.

Harken Lockheed Winch Kit

            The Lockheed Winch Kit provides safety and security with its self-tailing, man-riding winch and captive head to stop the accidental release. It is suitable for portable and fixes mounted load-lifting and man-riding, and this is also ideal for fixed or temporary applications and rescue use. Moreover, the LokHead is also fully certified to be used in combination with our TM9 & TM9-W tripod for confined space usage. The kit itself comprises the winch and handle with a TM9 adaptor, the plate, and a sling. It also derives with a drill adaptor for mechanical assistance to draw heavier loads.

Yale Yaletrac Wire Cable Puller

            Yale offers a variety of wire rope cable pullers to help you ease the load when you need to take part in some heavy-duty dragging activity. It is accomplished by pulling, dropping, tensioning, and safeguarding loads over long distances. Also, the Yale wire rope pullers are particularly designed for versatility. Yaletrac products are perfect for many applications, including industry, construction, civil engineering, power line construction, shipbuilding, and oil plants. This is optimized for usability with the hand operating forces that have been noticeably optimized by incorporating an axial ball bearing, making all the operations a virtually effortless endeavor. In the meantime, the stability and reliability of this range are almost with portable pulling, provided that safe, secure load-bearing in a single and user-friendly product.

High-Speed Worm Gear Power Winches with 1500 lb capacity

            This has a Direct Drive Design that delivers high-speed operation in both directions, even under full load. The Machine Cut Bronze Worm Gears deliver accurate operation and long-lasting service. The enclosed Oil Bath provides nonstop lubrication of gears to minimize wear. The Oil seals keep oil in and the dirt out. The internal Mechanical Brake delivers positive load control for lifting and for lowering operations. The Ball Bearings and the self-aligning bronze bearings deliver smooth and efficient operation. The Plate applies enough pressure to the drum and the strong wire rope also helps to preserve uniform winding which is not available on any clutch models. The Dual Function Cable Anchor for quick disconnect of wire rope with a swaged ball fitting, or sunken cable anchor with set screw for wire rope with the unfinished end. It also has Mounting Options including for floor, wall, or ceiling. It is made of cast Aluminum construction, for very lightweight strength. The Corrosion Resistant durable paint finish defends against corrosion in harsh environments.

 Capstan winches

           Capstan winches have an upright winch drum which is used for horizontal pulling. They allow for the line to be free from the drum at any angle, which is beneficial in maritime operations. Current capstans can achieve tall line pulls and high speeds. They are powered physically, electrically, hydraulicly, and pneumatically.

Friction Winches

           Friction winches have 2 grooved drums arranged in a line to run the line using friction and a greater drum to reel in the rope for storing and the crushing pressure of the running rope is under tension which is taken by the grooved drums straight, without distorting any wire beneath as in conventional winch.

Hand winch

           Hand winches are physical devices that are suitable for a variety of lightweight applications. They have a grip as a lever arm and barrel axis as the fulcrum.

Options and Accessories                                  

• The Emergency Hand Crank for physical operation in case of power

   Failure and it does not include handle.

• The 2 Part Line Kit is to convert to double line rigging.

• The Rotary Limit Switches for secondary shut-off is to limit load travel in one or more directions and it is not available on clutch models.

•The Special Motors and Controls include severe duty and explosion


• It has special Finishes for hazardous environments.

• The Torque Limiters as part of the motor panels on electric models.