What are Organic French skincare?

The¬†cosmetics¬†are popular.¬†More and more of us want to switch to ‚Äúeating well‚ÄĚ in order to have excellent health.¬†Local foods, from organic farming and without pesticides or endocrine disruptors.¬†But have you ever considered doing the same with the¬†beauty products¬†you use on a daily basis?

Indeed, why eat healthier, do regular physical activity and buy fresh products, and not be interested in what you apply day after day to your body and face? Moreover, French Skincare have nothing to envy to conventional care. They are no longer limited to homemade preparations with an unpleasant smell and dubious texture. Research has evolved a lot in recent years and the formulations are now free of synthetic ingredients.

Instead, we find more natural and plant-based active ingredients (except for milk and honey). The French skincare therefore contain no harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives. This is because these components are absorbed by the skin and can sometimes reach your blood. It can cause allergic reactions, redness and can even become dangerous for your health. Obviously, side effects are very rare, or even do not appear at all, with French skincare.

The production process is also more environmentally friendly, right down to the choice of packaging.¬†With an¬†organic beauty product, the level of toxicity is almost zero.¬†You just have to take into account your own intolerance or sensitivity to certain ingredients.¬†In most cases,¬†French skincare¬†do not include animal testing either.¬†To be sure, you can set your sights on a treatment with the ‚ÄúCruelty Free‚ÄĚ label.

Why products made from natural ingredients?

They are meticulously checked

Natural ingredients are more exposed to the risk of pollution than traditional cosmetics. The cosmetics thus undergo numerous checks to ensure a very detailed traceability.

They are more nutritious

The organic ingredients contain the fundamental nutrients for the skin. Vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids which determine the quality of our proteins and our lipids. They also support vital skin functions, including hydration and protection.

They are pleasant to use

The textures of¬†natural products¬†are rich and creamy thanks to their noble components like vegetable oils and butters.¬†Perfumes also have ‚Äúaromacological‚ÄĚ benefits and influence our nervous system.¬†A scent of rose, geranium or lavender, for example, generates balance and appeasement while the scent of neroli or lemon invigorates.

They are easy to use and really effective.

Natural cosmetic products   generally do not contain many ingredients and the active ingredients are very effective.The French skincares also have more affinity with the natural constituents of the outer layer of the skin. They thus offer better assimilation thanks to the biological relationship that exists between the epidermis and the plants.

The essential oils have such incredible action in products for face and body. Our skin has specific needs and essential oils respond to them in a natural way. The skin will therefore react perfectly well. In addition, natural cosmetics have a long-term healing effect, without representing any additional risks.

Moreover, the effectiveness of essential oils is scientifically proven. An essential oil is 250 times more effective than an herb. In particular, you can add a few drops to a vegetable oil to make a facial serum. The results will be visible after only 15 days!

They are suitable and customizable for all skin types

You can prepare custom mixes. You can thus create and French skincare that perfectly meets the needs of your skin. More than a simple envelope, it is indeed a living organism which is constantly evolving. It suffices to have one or more vegetable oils, some essential oils and possibly other active ingredients to create a product that is most suited to your body and your face.

Why use natural and French skincare?

Do you know what you put on your skin every day? You take care of yourself by using creams and perfumes that make you feel good… But are they really good for you? When we know that everything we put on our skin is absorbed and stored in our body, it is better to avoid penetrating toxic ingredients! But the benefits of French skincares go far beyond this simple fact.

Consuming organic and natural products means making a gesture for the planet. Using controlled and ecological cosmetics is also the guarantee of applying a biodegradable product to your skin. After all, natural ingredients are not stored by the body. On the contrary, they allow real exchanges between molecules and the skin.

Plus, you can use simple ingredients to build your beauty routine.

  • The¬†coconut oil¬†and¬†rose water¬†is such a great makeup remover.
  • Avocado oil and borage oil perfectly match the treatment for the eye area.
  • The¬†Shea Butter¬†works wonders on chapped lips.
  • The oily macerate of P√Ęquerette can be the basis of your¬†toning lotion.
  • The¬†olive oil¬†and castor oil are ideal for a¬†dream hair.
  • The¬†black cumin oil¬†¬†helps prevent and alleviate acne …


In short, the possibilities are endless. Of course, you can also find French skincare online, especially on Kazidomi, to make your job easier. Ayurvedic shampoos , mask & scrub, lip care, cream and Serum for oilyskin, including sun care, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

What is the difference between a natural cosmetic and an organic cosmetic?

The cosmetics organic and natural are generally distinguished by the main assets used. These are in very small quantities in traditional cosmetics (representing 5% of the product). The majority of substances are mainly there to give consistency and texture to the care. This is not the case for organic and natural cosmetics. The assets actually constitute on average 30 to 40% of the article.

In terms of formulation, organic is necessarily natural. The major difference lies in the fact that a natural product has a very high percentage of natural ingredients (more than 95% of its formula). Below 85%, the product is considered to be part of conventional cosmetics. In addition, the manufacture of French skincare meets very precise specifications, most often with certification (Ecocert).

It is therefore possible to verify the traceability of an organic product. This is more difficult for a natural product, because there is no certification. To be sure of buying a care of natural origin, it would be better to opt for French skincare. In any case, always pay special attention to the wording and labels on the packaging. And this, whether you buy your French skincare online or in a physical store.