What are Magento 2 Extensions and Why You Need That for Your Store?

To make online business more successful and efficient, there are 2 key factors for any eCommerce solution, i.e. flexibility and creativity. Magento, one of the most trusted, popular, and the leading open-source eCommerce platforms trending nowadays. If you are already using the Magento platform, then you might be aware that default Magento doesn’t provide any extensions for online stores. It is a platform, not a complete solution.

So to make your store more productive, you must use Magento extensions and modulesto set up an eCommerce store with a lot of advanced features and functionalities. In addition to this, Magento has already stopped providing the Magento 1 support. Most of the Magento stores have been updated to Magento 2. Using a combination of the best Magento 2 extensions, you can easily build your online eCommerce store with all the required features.

In the following article, the MageAnts team has tried to explain “What Magento 2 Extension is? And Why do you need Magento 2 Extensions for your store?

An overview of Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 Extension is a package of PHP code that includes the functions that are used to extend the features and the functionalities of your Magento store and helps to enhance the user experience. Each and every action performed on the backend, site, or frontend goes through the extensions.

Extensions can even be grouped into code pools so that secure and safe customizations can be done by extending its core functionality. These extensions are developed by the Magento partners so that Magento store owners can manage their stores easily.

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Reasons why you need Magento 2 plugins for your store

Better performance and scalability

Using Magento 2 Extensions, you will get a better store performance compared to Magento 1.

  • Faster checkout compare to Magento 1
  • Better and Instant Server response time
  • Better efficiency for backend functions
  • Process orders faster and quick
  • Better Customer Support
  • Quick delivery time due to web page optimization
  • Faster response for the add to cart feature

More features and functionalities

These feature-rich Magento modules offer operational workflow to improve the performance of the platform. Magento 2 extension can be used for product browsing, sorting, easy checkout process, product comparison, marketing, and many more other functionalities to make the store more user-friendly and advanced.

Enhance User Experience

Advance features and the great user experience of the website directly impact the growth of the eCommerce business. A significant contribution to the customer’s shopping experience and proper security is been offered by Magento 2 extensions. So integrating extension to the platform will help to drive more traffic and also helps to engage more customers.

Wider Audience Reach

While operating on the global platform, you will get access to a huge customer base. But there might be a challenge regarding language, as operating globally needs to communicate in different languages. And if this challenge can’t be accepted, then you may face huge losses because of high cart abandonment rates. To get this issue solved, Magento offers a Language Translator extension where customers can communicate with you in whichever language they prefer. You can also translate and customize the other content and product details to whatever language you prefer.

Improved Backend Efficiency

There is so much to manage while running an online business, and one of the most critical and difficult areas is backend functions. You need to add extensions that can ease your backend management process so that you can focus on other critical areas. The platform must be mobile responsive so that you can manage everything like products, orders, customers, reviews, data, reports, etc. on multiple platforms.

Cost and Effort Saving

You can save a lot of development costs if you are clear about the list of Magento 2 extensions who would like to add to your store as per your business needs. The main reason behind this is that it will lower the development cost because developers need not write a custom code for each and every feature.


We hope this article will help you to understand the benefits of using Magento 2 Extension to your Magento 2 eCommerce store. These extensions help you to grow your business online and also improves various aspects of your store.

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