What are Kiss Cut Stickers and How to Make One

Kiss-cutting gives the stickers an extra dimension of appeal and usefulness. Kiss-cut stickers are a popular option for a variety of uses, including advertising materials and ornamental purposes. We are going to give you a guide on how to make your kiss-cut stickers. 

Crafting Your Own Kiss Cut Stickers

Compared to conventional stickers, Custom sticker sheets require a few extra steps to create, but the outcome is worthwhile. Here’s how to make your own kiss cut stickers in detail:

Materials You’ll Need

  • Software – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
  • Printer – inkjet or laser
  • Sticker paper or vinyl sheets
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife or precision cutting tool
  • Backing material – cardstock or sturdy paper
  • Ruler
  • Self-healing cutting mat (optional)
  • Laminating machine or sheets (optional)

Design Your Sticker

Create your stickers first using graphic design tools. The shapes and dimensions you desire for your kiss-cut stickers should be in mind. Keep in mind that the design will be printed on vinyl or sticker paper.

Print Your Stickers

Make sure the settings are adjusted for the best printing quality before loading your printer with the sticker paper or vinyl of your choice. Print the design on the sticker material.

Prepare the Backing

To make the backing for your sticker sheet cut a piece of cardstock or durable paper. The kiss-cut stickers will all be secured in place by this backing.

Set Up for Cutting

On a cutting mat or self-healing cutting mat, place your printed sticker sheet. Be sure to shield the surface from the cutting instrument.

Begin Kiss Cutting

Carefully cut each sticker design’s outline using a craft knife or other precision cutting instrument. Cutting through the sticker substance is desired, but not the backing.

Peel Off Excess Material

Peel off the excess sticker material carefully from the kiss-cut stickers’ surrounding area. Your unique stickers will then become visible and remain attached to the backing.

Apply Lamination (Optional)

Consider adding a layer of clear laminate to your kiss-cut stickers using a laminating machine or adhesive laminating sheets to increase their longevity and protection.

Trim to Size (Optional)

Trim the entire sheet, if desired, leaving a backing edge around the stickers. It is not mandatory but it will give your sticker a tidy finish.

Enjoy Your Kiss Cut Stickers

You can now use, share, or distribute your kiss-cut stickers. Whenever necessary, it is simple to peel the individual stickers from the backing.

It takes time and attention to detail to make stickers. However, the outcome is well-organized, effective, and pleasing to the eye. Kiss-cut stickers offer elegance to your designs, whether you’re creating them for personal use, branding, or advertising.

Understanding Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers may initially seem the same as regular stickers. But there can be some differences. Kiss cutting is the process of making a sticker that is sliced through the adhesive layer but retains its backing. Each sticker is still attached to its backing, making it simpler to peel off and stick.

Imagine a sheet of neatly cut-out stickers that adhere to a larger backdrop like puzzle pieces. Peeling a sticker away from the backing sheet just removes the sticker, leaving the backing sheet intact. When making sticker sheets with many designs or when you want to efficiently distribute stickers, this method is quite useful. Vograce can help you to make customized kiss-cut stickers.

Benefits of Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers are a well-liked option for artists, companies, and sticker fans since they have many advantages:

Effective Distribution: Kiss-cut stickers’ backing serves as a natural container, making it possible to distribute several stickers on a single sheet. This is very helpful for handouts at events or for promotional things.

Organization: Kiss-cut stickers let you arrange various patterns on a single sheet, doing away with the need for additional packaging.

Simple Peeling: The backside serves as a shield to safeguard the sticker’s adhesive until you’re ready to use it. As a result, applying and peeling the stickers is simple and easy.

Visual Appeal: Kiss-cut stickers have a clean, professional appearance thanks to their exact cutting. It increases your creation’s aesthetic, please.

Customization: By kiss cutting, you can make sticker sheets of many sizes, shapes, and styles to suit your tastes.

Reduced Waste: Kiss cutting makes the best use of the sticker material, which leaves fewer leftovers, reducing waste.


Kiss-cut stickers can be a great approach to improving your image. From effective distribution to simple peeling, the precise process of cutting through the sticker material while leaving the backing intact offers many advantages. You can begin on a creative journey to make your own impressive and delightful kiss-cut stickers by following our thorough tutorial. Embrace the precision craft, and you’ll see your drawings come to life as exquisitely arranged sticker sheets.