What are FFP masks and why use them?

In every pandemic, there comes a new law and act to follow. COVID-19 is a recent pandemic, and this is probably one of the worst pandemics in the world. COVID-19 is the worst situation, and the government of every state all over the world has to take strict actions against the pandemic. In COVID-19, every state of the world has made it compulsory for people to use masks. Wearing masks has become one of the mandatory acts, and people have to wear masks, or they will have to pay the fine.

Nowadays, there are different types of masks available in the market. As the threat of viruses and diseases increases, regular masks cannot meet the requirements for protection. For this purpose, there are upgraded types of masks available in the market.  P2, KN95, and N95 are some of the advanced forms of masks available in the market. FFP and FFP2 face mask are some types of facemasks.  

FFP masks are also known as filtering face pieces. These are also classified as half masks. FFP masks are quite beneficial because these are the upgraded type of masks. It is beneficial to use FFP masks because they provide extra care and protection to the people. FFP masks help the people and surroundings. Moreover, better than surgical masks, FFP masks help to give extra protection to the users. Self-made and MNC masks do not give whole protection, and that is why these masks are not reliable.

FFP masks are better than regular masks because they can trap viruses and bacteria in the filter and pass the filtered air. FFP masks are available without and with a valve. FFP masks having valves give airflow from the inside to the outside of the FFP mask. FFP1 and FFP2 masks are some types of FFP masks. FFP1 masks are more similar to dust masks and are only used to protect from dust. On the other hand, FFP2 masks are more suitable and better for the work atmosphere and outside environment because they can trap the toxic components in the dust. FFP2 masks can protect from COVID-19 and other forms of viruses.

N95 and FFP masks

N96 is another form of respiratory mask. FFP2 and N95 are some respiratory masks. These masks are effective because they can protect the wearer and the people in the surrounding. Studies from World Health Organization show that N95 and FFP2 masks are capable of trapping 94-95% of the virus, and this shows the effectiveness of these masks.

Hierarchy of face masks

When we talk about the effectiveness of masks, the hierarchy of effectiveness of masks is that FFP3 masks are on the top because these are the most effective, and then come FFP2 masks or N95 masks, then surgical masks, and in the end, cloth masks.

What makes FFP masks better in terms of effectiveness?

FFP2 masks are effective because they are made up of three layers of non-woven synthetic material. The non-woven synthetic material is available in different thicknesses, and it also contains a filtration layer in between. FFP2 mask manufacturer are pushing their product on to all international borders and many countries are bulk buying for future COVID cases.

FFP2 masks are better and effective, and that is why they give the best outcomes. These masks were tested using chemicals such as paraffin and sodium chloride. Moreover, N95 masks were tested with only NaCl. The standard surgical masks filtered 3mm of the particles. On the other hand, FFP2 masks filtered up to 0.075mm particles. This shows the effectiveness of FFP2 masks.