What are digital marketing materials for real estate?

Despite being hit by the pandemic which caused many uncertainties across the global market, the real estate space continued to grow in the last two years. Just in the year 2021 Census Bureau in the US approved nearly 1.5 million permits for privately-owned housing units 2021, which are likely to be built in 2023. 

But the more surprising was buyers were booking their units digitally as many as 63% of them making an offer on a property without physically visiting the real estate to inspect. This shows how digital marketing for real estate is proving effective in the long run. 

We shall elaborate on the 6 most influential real estate digital marketing materials. We elaborate on categories of digital marketing materials for real estate agents. Learn and understand how to use them to your advantage, and direct you to tools that will help you achieve results.

Glimpse of Different Real Estate Marketing Materials 

1.    Website Videos

2.    Social Media Posts

3.    High-Quality Photos

4.    Online Ads

5.    An SEO-Optimized Website

6.    Newsletters & Emailers

7.    Floor Plans

People across the market are changing the way for approaching property investments especially post-pandemic. Many people are going digital, with approximately 93% of buyers starting their house hunt online, and an amazing 63% have booked and purchased homes without even visiting them physically first.

Website With Videos

A website with video content has proven to be my best friend. Data shows that adding high-quality videos on a website’s landing pages increases the conversion rates to a whopping 80%.

Videos are proven to assist in creating brand awareness and also help in website ranking on search engines. As per the experts, website pages with videos are like to rank easily on google 50x more than a website with no videos. Therefore, having a video render with real estate video editing technology will be beneficial for website.

Reminder regarding making real estate videos for websites

There are various types of real estate videos but the exemplary ones must incorporate fundamental features as listed below:

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Properly well-scripted for a target audience
  • Must be of high quality with clear visuals
  •  Conveying all necessary information related to the real property being marketed such as location, amenities, outdoor spaces, and information about the community.
  • Clear narration and pleasing music that doesn’t overpower the vocals.

Social Media Post

Social media is a leading platform where interaction with people and businesses and the content for your business aid in showcasing your expertise in the real estate domain, generating genuine leads, and communicating with your audience.

According to marketing experts, nearly 47% of qualified leads are generated through social media platforms for realtors, brokers, and real estate agents within a given year. Even during the pandemic, it is found that 44% of real estate agents found new clients during the pandemic due to their consistent social media efforts.

 Instagram and Facebook are most preferred by marketers as they make direct communication easy with potential users. But one must ensure to maintain proper communication with people interacting with a business. Facebook renders the platform like a mini-website and assists in consolidating all info across the platform for your business.

 Instagram another hand usually requires investing in visuals. These platforms provide the ability to share photos, videos, reels, etc. Businesses can use it to their advantage for the promotion of their products by using images and photos.

High-Quality Photos

High-Quality photos are no exemption to marketing materials real estate. Different images are used for a different ways of presenting the property’s structure and visuals. High-quality photos can determine how quickly a home is sold. Real estate properties with photos sell 36% faster than properties listed with no images or videos as per a study by Newswire.

 A combination of different types of high-quality images is beneficial for real estate marketing. These images can be utilized by publishing on website landing pages, social media platforms, and online property listing websites. Here are a few types of real estate image editing which can generate unique and amazing real estate photos for properties:

Twilight Image 

This type of property image is prepared by removing unwanted objects and giving the exterior view of real estate a pleasant look. This image contains a twilight effect making it more appealing.

HDR Images

It allows you to render exposure and highlight features and remove unwanted objects along with HD-quality images.

Virtual Tours

This is one of the most desired things in real estate marketing as it helps in the development of 360-degree images which enable the viewer to explore and out of the property as if they were to inspect it physically.

Virtual Staging 

Showcasing property to potential buyers with furniture and other stuff gives more expectations. But hiring furniture is expensive and risky as well. Therefore, virtual staging helps render effects in images of the property by applying the filter to showcase virtual furniture to provide a better idea of the property’s accommodation.

Drone Image

This image is captured using a drone to provide complete information about the location and highlight nearby utilities providing a landmark.

Online ads

Online ads are one of the most influential ways to attract and promote the property listed online for sale. But many people confuse themselves with the notion that online ads are paid. In reality, there are both organic free and paid online ads. Online ads for real estate receive more attention.

 As per research, the average CTR (click-through rate) for real estate Pay Per Click ads (PPCs) ranges from 6.42% to 7.45% across subcategories compared to 3.17% for other business types, enabling to differ makes it obvious that online ads for real estate are the ones people are engaging with more.

SEO optimized website

Having a website that is SEO-optimized aid businesses to stay ahead of competitors on a search engine. SEO optimization of the website increases the chances of your business or real estate for sale being found by potential buyers who meet their requirements.

 As per the available data, it is found that 64.5% of internet users click on the first three results in a search engine listing, while only 30% click on anything after the third result. The fact is, if you’re on the second page of search results, only 10% of internet users will even see your page.

 Having a keen interest in the right quality content will improve SEO across the search engine enabling your customer easily find your business. Apart from this, a business must ensure that the website is also mobile optimized and compatible with all different types of mobile devices. One must also utilize local SEO to reach the customer in the local market as well.

Newsletters and Emailers

Newsletters and email marketing are also forms of communication like social media or blogs. Emails marketing renders complete control over the communication channel and analytics. It becomes easier to segment the audience.

 As per the reports by marketing agencies and experts 63% of real estate email marketing campaigns receive a positive reaction. Moreover, From the US consumers approx. 38% of U.S. consumers take further steps in the sale and purchase process after being exposed to marketing emails.

Floor Plans

Floor plans act as a medium of communication between a property structure and developer as well as potential buyers. They enable us to gauge every corner of the property, unlike real estate photos or videos. Floor plans are assisting developers in planning and analyzing the construction of the property reducing the chances of error.

Floor plans also render a detailed visual elaboration of the size, dimension, and height of a property. In real estate listing, a property with floor plans is more likely to be sold in the market. There are probably two types of floor plans commonly used i.e, 2D & 3D floor plans. 


Real estate digital marketing materials are very beneficial for real estate marketing to boost sales and business in the short and long term. Having proper knowledge of marketing materials real estate businesses can ensure more successful marketing campaigns with proper analytics and planning.

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