What are different types of Model Ships?

Model ships are fancied by much of the navy loving, high sea crazy, wood enthusiasts and the lovers of the ships of antiquity and modernity.

They tickle the naval fancy of the individuals that loves to keep models of the ship they love, close by to look and admire. Other spend all their leisure time building models to satisfy their appetite of naval wonders made by men to conquer the seas. The models are made out of wood, plastic and other modern materials to last long.

Based upon construction the model ships are of three types:

  1. Solid Hull
  2. Plank-on-bulkhead (P.O.B)
  3. Plank-on-frame (P.O.F)

Solid Hull

This model sailboats kit consists of big block of wood, molded with accordance to the lines of the hull which is usually carved and sanded to bring out the fine finish of the complete model that is just left to paint. The complete solid hull provides a fine finish and make the remaining construction easy enough to finish in time.

Also, the solid hull type uses a single carved out wooden plank piece to provide for a solid foundation for the rest of the model to balance on.

The solid hull type model ship is the quickest to build upon with a relative easiness in terms of experience required and work involved. This means anybody stating fresh should choose the solid hull type model to start their ship modelling adventure and just gradually increase the difficulty and move on to more complex models.

The upside to solid hull model ships is the fact that they can be easy to handle as most of the carving and sanding is done already which is actually a lot in terms of time required to finish. Moreover, the solid hulls are pretty strong that makes them to stay around longer than most of the models.

The downside is that they are more appropriate for the beginners with less complex designs and less attention in detail as compared to other types of models.

Plank-on-bulkhead (P.O.B)

P.O.B modelling is the next step in the modelling of the perfect ship models that are in the minds of the model maker. The sketching part is important for P.O.B as they are more complex to build but more packed in terms of details than solid hull models.

P.O.B are the wide spread of the ship models and can be very satisfying to build and own because they have parts in retail all the time.

In terms of construction material, they are also made of wooden blocks, but they have more blocks than the solid hull types. They are also relatively stable and have ample strength thus requiring lesser care in handling and maintaining.

P.O.B have a full piece of wood on which the smaller blocks will settle to form the bulk of the ship models keel. Smaller pieces will be labeled and have their own special places where they would set.

Plank-on-frame (P.O.F)

Now for the excitement of the most adept model ship builders out there we have P.O.F because they can be said the pinnacle of the model ship building adventure as they are more complex, more attention to detail is given both in terms of aesthetics and construction steps. These type of model ships are very rare as they are built by carefully planning every part and parcel of the sketch that the builder has in mind or on the paper.

P.O.F are usually started from scratch and can take a long time to build as they need the expert craftsmanship and patience.

This type is only recommended for the expert but with the right coaching and training, also tools and tips, the novice can also fulfill their dreams of building realistic miniature models ships to tickle their naval fancy and showcase their hard labor to friends and family alike.


The most interesting of the hobbies are the ones that take the time and patience also bring out the best in the person and make the person a better version of their own selves.

Such a hobby is building the model ships and owning them to inspire the creativity inside and focus the positive energies into creating something from scratch and be proud of it from the depths of soul and body.

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