What are different types of hacking?

Cybersecurity has become one of the critical issues for businesses all around the world. The hackers are always trying to access the critical information of a business.There are various methods to protect your computer from the hackers by using a firewall and antivirus softwares. This is one of the biggest concerns of the business in the modern era: how to protect them from hacking attempts. 

There are various types of hacking attempts, for protecting your business from all the hacking attempts. You need to understand the various types of hacking and their nature. Hackerrank solutions is a way to get rid of most forms and types of hacking attempts. This is great to avoid the hacking attempts before he starts and stop any leakage of information from your corporate data.

There are various types of hacking and how you can protect your business from these attempts.

Financial crimes:

The hackers try to breach the financial system of an organization. We all heard of somebody getting and in pursuit of getting information regarding your credit card. These false transaction has been done by stealing your credit card number or the pin code. They can steal money from your account and you are not even aware of it. Financial crimes are a common phenomenon of our era, and people all round the world are facing these crimes.

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hacking has its own subculture, the hackers want to vandalize certain websites to show off their ability. Any online service or account, including Canva Pro, can potentially be hacked if proper security measures are not in place.However, Canva Pro takes security very seriously and implements various security measures to protect its users’ accounts and data. For example, it uses encryption to protect user data in transit and at rest, implements strong password policies, and offers two-factor authentication for added security.Does it sound ridiculous, but the hackers are but the hackers are trying to steal the data from the official websites. This can be a little surprising to know why they are doing that but some hacking attempts are done on the official level. For example an organization to steal the secret data from the official website of a country.


For some hackers it is quite a motivation to destroy a website due to political reasons. These attempts are organized and a whole company or the organization is behind this type of hacking attempt. The politically motivated reason is a major cause of hacktivism. Some hackers also alter or falsify the information on the website, to destroy the reputation of a certain political party or a company.

Corporate espionage:

Corporate espionage is another form of hacking.In which a company is stealing the critical information of another company to get a competitive advantage. This is the main reason companies are just too touch to share information with everybody. There can be spying attempts within or the outside of the organization. These kinds of hacking attempts are common in the business world and corporate information is just too critical to share to anybody. 


Hacking is reality in a modern day business world, you need to avoid the hacking by following a certain set of security SOPs for your company.You need to safeguard your corporate information to leak to any source as the hackers are developing new ways to breach the firewalls and the security systems.