What are common problems with Acer laptop and how to resolve them?

Acer laptops, based in Taiwan, are considered as an affordable option for those on a tight budget. They have similar features and performance, like those of other famous companies. Acer also has produced some unique design laptops like the Acer Swift 7. Acer laptops can be used for a variety of purposes that including professional use, personal use and for gaming.

Every electronic product is prone to problems sooner or later and the similar is the case often found with Acer laptops. So, what are some of the common problems with Acer laptop and how you can resolve them? We will discuss this in detail. So, if you are wondering why my laptop is so slow, then read and apply our fixes.

Following is a list of the probable and common issues that do occur in Acer laptops at times. See how they can be resolved.

USB ports not working

At times, ACER laptops do not detect the USB or show an error message. Following are some easy ways to resolve this problem.  

Fix 1: Clean the USB port. Sometimes, dust clogs the port and overheats the laptop.

Fix 2: Check whether the port has become loose. It happens when you use flash drives of various shapes frequently.

Fix 3: Update the software drivers. Sometimes, the solution lies in just reinstalling or updating the software. The power saving option suspends the USB feature, and it does not allow USB ports to work, so disable it.

Fix 4: Check whether you are using a high-speed device on a USB port that is compatible with low-speed devices only.

Consult an expert if none of these fixes work for you. 

Black screen

You may encounter the problem of a black screen. 

1st step: Connect your laptop to an external monitor to check whether it is the display that has stopped working. If there is no problem with the display, the problem can be in the firmware.

2nd step: Power Reboot is an easy step. You might have already tried it but do this a couple of times to check. 

3rd step: In case, the Acer logo appears when you turn on the laptop, press 2,9,10 function keys. Go the option of Exit and press Yes. Then click Enter. 

If your laptop screen gets displayed on an external monitor, then go for the following solutions. 

  • Uninstall and then reinstall the graphics card driver. Go to the device manager to uninstall the driver, and then install the driver again.
  • Update the BIOS. It helps to troubleshoot the problems related to the hardware in your laptop, it can help in fixing your black screen. 
  • Do a clean boot on your windows. 

Slow performance

Yes, you are wondering why my laptop is so slow? We have listed down a list of problems and solutions to resolve the speed issues with your laptop.  

Have a look at hard disk: A hard disk with a lower storage capacity is a speed-killer. So, delete or transfer unnecessary files to get some free space. Another problem with the hard disk can be that it needs to be upgraded. So, upgrade it and enjoy a fast and furious laptop. 

Malware and Viruses: The most common problem for many problems are viruses. You can use the Windows Defender or any other high-quality anti-virus. Make sure to have an updated anti-virus. It helps prevent any unwanted software from eating up your resources. 

Startup programs: So many of us have faced the problem of slow laptop starting. The reason is that numerous programs are running in the background. You can manually disable them or even delete them if not necessary. Be careful and do not delete the important ones. Uninstall the unused programs. This will increase the speed manifolds. 

Clean up your browser: Yes, this step can help to freeze the laptop while you are delivering an important email. Remove cookies, close the unwanted bars, delete bookmarks and shift them to somewhere else, and block any extra ads troubling you. 

Update windows and drivers: Lastly, keep your laptop updated by regularly installing windows and drivers’ recent updates. 

1.       Motherboard issue: 

Low laptop performance may be due to some motherboard issue. You can get it fixed by any PC expert. 

2.       Overheating: 

When the laptop is overheated, the fan keeps on moving at a great pace and even the laptop shutdowns automatically. Go through the following steps to cool down the laptop. 

Use the laptop on a hard surface: This helps even air transfer. So, use a table or lap desk. 

Clean the fans. The major reason for overheating is obstruction because of dirt. 

Cooling pads. These help to cool down the laptop. Make sure to use the right one. 

There are many common laptop problems, and you can resolve them in easy steps. Next time your friend or a relative has a problem with his / her Acer laptop,  tell them these easy fixes.