What Are Certified Mail Labels?

Have you ever had an important package get lost in the mail? Or, maybe you’re sick of waiting around for a package without knowing where it is. Certified mail labels could solve these problems.

So what exactly are certified mail labels, and why might you consider using them? This article explains everything you need to know about this useful shipping method.

What Certified Mail Labels Do

Certified mail is available through various postal services, such as the United States Postal Service. Certified mail labels are special labels you put on your mail items to show that they’re being sent via the certified service. The label provides proof of mailing, making it invaluable for shipping valuable items.

Whenever you send something with a certified mail label, you’ll receive a unique tracking number from the service provider. This will allow you to track the delivery status and location of the package.

This tracking number is also included on the shipping label meaning your package is less likely to get lost in the postal system.

Proof of Mailing

In many situations, you might need to provide proof you’ve sent an item or documents. For example, maybe you’re involved in a legal case. You simply can’t afford to have legal documents go missing, so you can use a certified mail service to prove you sent the document.

When you send a package with certified mailing labels, you’ll also get a receipt with a record of the time and date that you sent the package. This allows you to prove to other people that you did send the package in time.

Proof of Delivery

Another advantage to these kinds of mailing labels is that they offer proof of delivery. When the recipient receives their package, they will need to sign for it. Once someone has signed for the package, you’ll get a notification that they did.

This can be incredibly useful in cases such as legal disputes, where it may be in the receiver’s interests to pretend they never received the package.

Insurance Options

Certified mail labels are also a great idea if you want to insure your package. When you send something valuable, it makes sense to get insurance coverage in case the item is lost, damaged or stolen.

When you send something via certified mail, you’ll likely be reimbursed in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the delivery.

You Can Trust Certified Mail Labels

If you need a reliable and accountable way to send mail or packages, consider using certified mail labels. While these mail labels are certainly more expensive than using conventional mail, you’ll be able to track your package, see when the package was received and insure the contents of your package.

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