What Are Amazon Brand Aggregators and Why They Matter

An Amazon aggregator seems to be simply a business that purchases multiple Amazon trademarks with the goal of uniting things everything under one roof.

Assume there are three Amazon products: this one for campers, this one for foam cushions, and another one for backpack. They do a fantastic job through their way; volumes are high, profits are outstanding, and item reviews are outstanding. They are linked in the sense how they both provide external gear, an aggregator, and opportunities to earn even more by combining all three.

To put it another way, it’s a buyer’s market. So, should users own an Amazon business that you want to sell, now is the moment. However, don’t become too happy quite now; aggregators are not really going to take any old Amazon business.

Amazon seller aggregators are recognized for having groups of expert Amazon greats that strive to grow a brand using advanced analytics that has been shown to enhance SMB volumes and revenue. Amazon seller aggregators enable small businesses to expand to otherwise impossible levels due to a shortage of finance, skills, or other critical reasons. They have sufficient funds and do not require external finance to purchase a brand, making it more quickly and smoothly. To comprehensively expand your Amazon company, Amazon seller aggregators focus on all aspects of your business.

Businesses may use the Amazon FBA accelerators for marketing their items via the Amazon name. You may debut your items on the most extensive online marketplace by entering the Amazon FBA accelerators program. You may obtain immediate feedback and adapt your business accordingly. You’ll receive more responses than one would otherwise because Amazon advertises your items. You’ll get the complimentary email and online marketing and also PPC (pay-per-click) promotion when you debut your items on Amazon. Your things will also get more exposure during seasonal promotions like Amazon Prime Days. You’ll also get exposure to Amazon Vine, Amazon Web Services, and a unique co-working space in Seattle if you enter the Amazon FBA accelerators. Every one of these services may help you expand your online store.

Things Amazon Aggregators Want to See

Specific characteristics create any Amazon business extra appealing to just an aggregator, and it’s critical to understand things they respect highly should you wish to get the best pricing.

Registered Trademarks

Entrepreneurs with their personal branded/private labeled commodities or that produce their things are favored by Amazon aggregators.


This is when having a good understanding of statistics comes in helpful. Whereas each aggregator seems unique, the majority of them desire to verify that you produced a minimum of $200k in net income every year. In addition, they’ll want to check company profitability.

What is a reasonable gross margin? The estimate is at a minimum of 15% for such a majority of aggregators. Some people may be fine at 10%, but never less than that.

Inexhaustible Demand

Realizing things aggregators do not desire is vital for figuring out what they need.

Amazon aggregators aren’t interested in things that may be termed “fads” in this scenario. What people actually want are enterprises that can last a long time.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s beneficial for the company to have customer loyalty! If the business actually has a solid fan base, you’ll have more negotiating leverage.


In regards about what they’re searching for, many (though not every!) aggregators are pretty particular. They generally have a specific market in mind and are looking for niche items inside that marketplace.

Amazon is in charge of fulfillment (FBA)

FBA appeals to aggregators for a variety of factors. They would not wish to cope with the headaches of wrapping, shipment, and exchanges, for starters. For two, they wish to be eligible for Premium rank, which is much easier to achieve if you utilize FBA.

But there’s more to this than all. Compared to Market Pulse, FBA is used by 82 percent of the leading Amazon merchants; thus, that plays a role.

Observance of the Terms and Regulations

Amazon maintains the right to delete accounts that do not adhere to the company’s terms of service. As a result, aggregators are really only concerned in businesses that follow the regulations.


Nearly all of the top sellers are based in the United States, although several have extended to other nations such as Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, as well as worldwide.

Many aggregators seem to be pleased to obtain companies which have successfully passed the dilemma of selling across numerous markets, and some are perhaps centered outside of the United Kingdom, like Olsam, the biggest aggregator throughout the United Kingdom, and Accel Club, that also began in Russia and has just been centered in Amsterdam. Such aggregators could be suitable for purchasing your business even if you’re a global seller and have a large corporation operating outside the United States.

Is it a good idea to sell an Amazon company?

Perhaps, but perhaps it doesn’t. If you’re still unconvinced, consider the following:

Are you interested in selling your Amazon company?

We don’t want to seem corny, but we’re guessing you’ve put your body and spirit into this venture. As a result, you’ve most certainly developed an emotional relationship with it.

Don’t quit your company if you enjoy operating it or if it gives you a feeling of meaning. If you’re just trying to make ends meet, though, you’re usually best off leaving.

Do you have the skills and experience that aggregators are seeking for?

Suppose that’s the case, congratulations. You’re in a situation to offer right now. If otherwise, make the required adjustments to create your company more attractive.

It’s a purchaser’s marketplace, as we mentioned before, although it might not last long. Assess the consequences of not releasing right now. Do you even get the ability, energy, and skills to expand your firm quickly enough to contend with aggregators? Can the worth of your company rise or fall as time goes on? When it comes to purchases, timing is everything.