What are Action Cameras Used For? Beginner’s Guide 

Action cameras are a type of camera setup that allows the user to view and record events from a distance. The action camera is one of the oldest types of the camcorder, first appearing in the late 19th century.

They were originally used for military purposes such as mining and battlefields, but have become popular as a way to document your everyday life from a distance. For those who want to explore more than they can see with their hands, action cameras are great ways to go about it.

You can take photos, and videos and record your every move with this versatile camera. It comes with tons of accessories such as an action camera flashlight, cases, and more.

Whether you are looking for action news or simply looking after yourself during your downtime, an action camera is the perfect companion right here! Read on to learn more about what these camera options have to offer you.

What is an Action Camera?

An action camera is a type of camera that uses a camera lens to capture real-time video and images.

The action camera comes in many forms, including digital cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, and even smartphone cameras. The action camera is ideal for shooting photos, videos and storing short clips of events.

However, it is also great for serious photography, as well as video recording. Action cameras are typically either phone or camera-only devices, which means there is no Internet connection necessary to operate the camera.

Who can use an Action Camera?

Action cameras can be used by everyone, including children and the elderly. There are different types of action cameras, including trip-and-tripping cameras, action camshafts and continuous-shot cameras.

But the best action camera for users who want to record their every move will depend on your individual needs.

If you are looking for a camera that allows you to record video and take photos, then a trip-and-tripping camera is the best option for you. Trip-and-tripping cameras use a camera to trip up nearby objects and record the event.

These types of cameras are ideal for event photography and are generally silent, so you can continue to capture the action without disturbing anyone. If you are looking for a camera that records photos but does not allow for the ability to store them in an Instagram-like format, then a continuous-shot camera is the perfect option for you.

Continuous-shot cameras record at a single speed, so you can control the camera from one location. This is great for when you are taking photos of a wedding, graduation, or a company event and do not want to be distracted by other activities in the room.

What is the Best Action Camera for me?

The top-selling action cameras of 2017 have all come with great reviews, and most are entry-level options that are easy to use. However, there are plenty of camera options that are more complex and capable, so we have gone through the most expensive options and compared them to one another.

Here are the top-performing action cameras of 2017:


This camera uses an all-new, high-quality sensor and features a large 2.4-inch display that makes it easy to see what is happening in the picture. The full-time lens is nice for long shots, and the camera also comes with a weather-resistant lens and two-year warranty.


This is one of the most common action cameras on the market, and it is also one of the most popular on the market for people who want to record events. The camera comes with a high-res display that lets you see what is happening in the picture and what is happening in the room behind you.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8

The Lumix DMC-FZ8 is one of the most expensive action cameras on the market, but the cameras are very similar in function. The difference between the two is in the camera sensor and lens, which comes with the FZ8. The Lumix camera is weather-sealed and comes with a long-term warranty.


This camera uses a full-time lens and has a larger 2.4-inch display, making it easy to see what is happening in the picture. It also comes with an affordable dust and waterproofing feature that helps protect the camera from both water and dust.

How to buy an Action Camera?

There are many different ways to buy a camera for your action cam. It is important to shop around at different stores to make sure you get the best price. You can also order any camera online and have it sent to your home address.

This can save you lots of money over the long run, as you will not have to pay for shipping and handling. You will need to pick the camera up at the store, and then take it to the dealer.

There are many different places to pick up a camera, so make sure you pick the right place. This can be tricky, as there are so many different stores and brands to choose from. As soon as you get it home, take the lens and camera apart, and take them back to the store. They will usually charge you for the return shipping, but it is worth it.

Pros of Action Cameras

Real-time video and photo functionality

If you want to record events in real-time, then an action camera is the perfect accessory for you. This means you can see what is happening in the room next door and the supermarket across the road.

You can also see what the other users are doing at the same time. This is great when you are looking for fun or dramatic shots that need a large studio space.

Easy to use

An action camera is a basic camera that can be used to take lots of images and videos. However, these cameras also have tons of features and apps that make them easy to use. You can use these apps to set up a timer, remotely shooting shoot, and more.

Super wide lens

Many action cameras have a wide lens, which is great for shooting photos and videos. However, the wide-lens cameras also have a high-res sensor that is perfect for video recording. This means you can see what is happening even in the middle of a busy city or at a traffic light.

Easy to store and carry

An action camera is very easy to store and carry with you. You can take it with you when you go out for dinner, take it in the car, or use it when you are on the move.

Cons of Action Cameras

No internet connection

Many action cameras come with an internet connection, but it is not required for these cameras. This means there is no need to buy a modem or router to connect this camera to the internet.

Only need a phone

Smartphone cameras usually use a phone app to communicate with the camera. This app needs to be Exactly For You – Finding the perfect app for your camera can be difficult.  It can be very difficult to find the perfect camera for your budget.

No cloud services and/or apps

Some of the best services for video and photo storage and sharing are Amazon’s Cloud Photos and Google Photos. These apps let you store all your photos and videos in one place. You can also use these apps to share your pictures and videos with friends and family.

Final Words

The good news is that you can still purchase and use these popular action cameras if you have been struggling with buying and setting up a camera. After all, these options are often budget-friendly, easy to use, and have excellent reviews.


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