What All Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance is an umbrella term for every kind of protection you would need against unforeseen circumstances in case you live in a rented property. Renters insurance is widely misunderstood and is mostly underappreciated. Most tenants are under the false assumption that the landlord’s insurance is enough for them too. It is sad but also important to burst this bubble. Your landlord’s insurance does not offer any protection to you and your belongings.


So, what are the alternate options available?WHAT IS RENTERS INSURANCE AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?


Renters insurance is your fairy godmother in case things go south. If you are a tenant, it is probable that you live from paycheck to paycheck and are saving up to buy a new house. It is also understood that you most probably do not have enough money to replace everything you own at the present moment in case of a calamity. In cases like these, it is prudent to invest in renters insurance because this financial protection is crucial for you.


This kind of insurance covers multiple expenses ranging from medical, legal, and persona costs. Here are the different components discussed in informative detail:


This is the part of the insurance that ensures your personal belongings against some mentioned perils. It also protects your property under the coverage limit of the policy you opt for. In case your property or personal belongings are destroyed, damaged, or stolen, this part of the insurance covers it up for you. Many firms providing services for renters insurance Lake Charles La based have listed the following legit claims:


o    Fire outbreak or lightning stroke.

o   Heavy destructive hailstorms and a windstorm.

o   Fires of explosive nature (does not cover terrorism).

o   Disruptive riots and vandalism of property.

o   Damage by a vehicle that is not your own like cars, aircraft, etc.

o   Theft or crime

o   Damage from heating appliances and smoke damage.

o   Heavy falling objects, the weight of external substances like snow.

o   Damage caused due to the onset of a volcanic eruption.


Fun fact: Renter’s insurance Lake Charles LA based service providers will also cover belongings like a laptop that is stolen, or damaged during a vacation!



This is where the medial and legal aspects of renters insurance Lake Charles LA come into the picture. How many times have you imagined or been through the chaotic episode of your pet biting someone? Or a part of the house structure that notoriously decides to fall on a guest’s head?


While a known person or a family member might let it go, most people are not forgiving. This would mean huge medical bills, legal allegations, and even a lawsuit in case of serious injuries! If you have invested in renter’s insurance, it will help you in this dire situation!


This part of the policy also safeguards you against loss or damage of property that is not your own but one that you are liable for.


This part of the policy helps you with additional living expenses. These expenses are generally incurred when your permanent residence is made uninhabitable due to a calamity, fire, etc. This part of the policy promises to cover up hotel bills as well as gas and food bills in case they cost you more than they did before. This is a very practical use of an insurance policy because in case you do not have renters insurance Lake Charles LA based, you would have to pay for damage at your residence as well as the cost of your temporary residence.



While the above-mentioned categories broadly summarize what is covered and what is not, there is still some confusion around specific terms. Here are the much-needed clarifications:

Q: If there is a pest attack, does my insurance cover that up?

A: Most insurances do not cover any damages caused by rodents and pests.

Q: In case my credit card is stolen and then unlawfully used, do I get insurance for the stolen amount?

A: Yes. If your card is stolen and is misused, your renter’s insurance covers up the losses incurred.

Q: What kind of natural disasters do I have protection from?

A: Disasters like floods and earthquakes are not covered but lightning, volcanic eruption, and windstorms are covered.

In case you live in a damage-prone area in the US, contact your insurance provider to clarify. The next step would be to look for renter’s insurance Lakes Charles LA based service provider and get yourself insured!