What All Do You Need to Rebuild A Transmission?

Transmission rebuilds are required when a transmission starts creating problems. A failed transmission system will never allow you to drive your car smoothly. This is something you would never want to experience. The only solution to a problematic transmission is either get a new transmission, car or if you love your vehicle, then rebuild the transmission system.

Essentials for a Transmission Rebuild

The transmission system of a vehicle is built with many parts. These parts play an essential role in making a car move. To rebuild a transmission system, certain parts are required. These parts include:

Transmission Fluid

Although it doesn’t sound like a part, a transmission fluid plays an important role in its working. The transmission fluid keeps all the parts lubricated to enable them to function properly. It also helps in reducing friction and heat of the system.

Transmission Sensors

The Transmission systems include two types of sensors. The speed sensor and the pressure sensor. The speed sensors work on sensing the input and output speed of the transmission. It takes this information and sends a signal to the transmission control unit. The transmission control unit induces pressure in the system and decides gear changes. Such systems are mostly found in automatic transmission systems.

Gear Set

The planetary gear set helps the car move. The varying size of gears helps increase or decrease a car’s speed. Due to engine over-revving, gears may get worn out. Hence, gears need to be replaced. It is also important to clean the gearbox as it may include debris and metal chips of worn out or broken gears. 

Torque Converter

The torque converter is a type of coupling that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. The torque converter may contain debris or rust. It must be cleaned or flushed completely while rebuilding a transmission.

Soft Parts

Other soft parts that are needed for a transmission rebuild include clutches, bands, seals, bushing, bearings, and gaskets. The transmission system also requires a set of internal rings and a transmission filter.

Transmission Upgrades

Sometimes a transmission rebuild might require some design changes or upgrades. These may include transmission oils, couplings, or other performance upgrades. A transmission shop may also suggest tuning a transmission and changing the drive ratio of your vehicle. This is common in transmission rebuilds of heavy vehicles such as a truck.

Sometimes cars also have certain weak parts that need adjustment for smooth driving. Having a transmission check and slight tuning could help improve the performance of the car.

Rebuilding Transmission

Transmission rebuilding is a complex process. Hence look for a professional transmission and engine repair shop near me to ensure a perfect rebuild. The process involves diagnosing the problem so you can fix it completely and avoid future troubles. The transmission rebuilding includes:

  1. Removing the transmission system completely from the vehicle
  2. Dismantling each part of the transmission system
  3. Clean all the transmission parts chemically and wash if necessary
  4. Replace seals and gaskets
  5. Replace or repair electrical parts
  6. Replace worn-out gears
  7. Re-install the rebuilt transmission in the vehicle