What a CPS Test is and what All you Need to Know?

The CPS test is a system created for people, most especially gamers, to know their clicking pace. This test is online-based and requires you to make clicking motions on your mouse or keyboard. At the end of the test, your total rating will be calculated based on the number of clicks you’re making per second. Besides providing you with accurate results, this test is also suitable for regular clicking practice. Want to know more about the CPS test and the way it works? Read below. 

1. It Helps you to Know how Quick you could Click

Gone are the days when you have to guess how rapidly you click without any accurate figure backing up your claim. This is because CPS assessment helps you to know what number of clicks you can make within a specific time. By carrying out a CPS assessment, you won’t only measure your clicking pace, but you may also compare it with that of others. When you do this, you’ll be able to tell how great you are doing compared to the performance of different people. 

2. You can Take More than one Click Speed Test

Contrary to what you may have thought or heard, professionals are not the only ones who take CPS assessments. You must know that the CPS assessment is available in multiple forms. You can find a CPS assessment with timing ranging from 5 to 60 seconds. In other words, regardless of your clicking experience, you are sure to find the right CPS assessment for you. Interestingly, you may choose to take the assessment as many times as you wish to. This will further raise your clicking pace. 

3. It Has an Algorithm that is Both Fun and Accurate

Another thing you ought to know about the CPS assessment is that it is accurate. If you’ve got doubts about the accuracy of the CPS assessment, it’s time to place your mind to rest. All thanks to its algorithm, the CPS assessment is not only fun to engage in but also provides an accurate score. When you take the CPS assessment, the quantity of clicks you are making per second is recorded and your total rating is calculated. This means the higher the number of clicks you make during the assessment, the greater your rating. 

4. It Makes Practice Easier

If you do not have an idea of how quickly you could click, improving the pace can be nearly impossible. To improve your clicking pace, you need to take a CPS assessment. By doing that, you won’t only find out your clicking pace but also know if it needs improvement or not. You can make improvements on your clicking pace by taking regular CPS assessments. When you compare your scores from previous assessment sessions, you can determine if you are making progress. 

5. It Improves your Gaming Performance

The people who can excel in the latest video games must have a great clicking pace. This is because most modern games require a lot of clicking and quick reactions. If your clicking pace is too low, playing these games will be difficult. However, taking a CPS test regularly will improve your clicking pace and make you better at these games.


Taking a CPS test is quite important, especially if you love to play video games. This is because it is the only way you can know your clicking pace and also try to improve it. Besides constant practice, other ways you can improve your clicking pace is by using the right mouse and techniques. Finally, the space bar clicker counter can help you check your click speed too.