West End or Caribbean Sailing Yacht Charters

ZunZun Caribbean Cruise and Sailing Experience…it’s the only floating massaging spa and holistic healing retreat in the Caribbean.” Proclaimed the review for the Caribbean Cruise and Sailing Experience. The review continued with, “ZunZun Sailing adventure is your only floating health and wellness retreat and wellness practice in the entire Caribbean, founded on St Thomas, Virgin Islands – based principles that have been in the natural health and massage therapy industry for more than 41 years now. ZunZun is a revolutionary new model for luxury sailing catamarans and sailing vacations in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.” Sounds like a new-found freshness to an already packed schedule of adventure travel!

I could not resist sharing with you, my experience with ZunZun Caribbean Yacht Charter and Sailing Experience, and there is a lot to be said for the experience of having an all inclusive yacht charter, at a luxury all inclusive Caribbean sailing vacation. However, for this article we will look into just the onboard activities and ZunZun has a very large selection of them. The ZunZun Caribbean Yacht Charter has a staff of over 12 people including a skipper and captain. There is a staff to take care of all the necessary onboard activities for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Some of these onboard activities are included in the cost of the trip.

For the body and joints, there are massages, manicures, pedicures, and foot massages. There are a variety of body treatments available at the ZunZun Caribbean Yacht Charter. For the feet, they offer a foot spa complete with all types of exotic foot massage products including clay baths. The foot massage in particular is very relaxing and soothing. It also helps to reduce tension, improves circulation, and has a balancing effect on the feet and legs.

If you want to relax on the yacht but want something that’s a little more exciting, then you might consider one of the many on board casinos at ZunZun Caribbean. There are a couple of slots available for playing, as well as roulette and video poker machines. The casino is not part of the on board yacht but a separate entity on its own and is one of the highlights of the Caribbean sailing vacation.

There are also a number of on board restaurants to select from. You can choose from Caribbean cuisine or something more casual. The chefs at ZunZun Caribbean provide dining options to meet any palate. Along with meals, there are also shows to watch on the yacht – music, dance, magic, theater – all available in high definition. Add alcohol in the water for a real party atmosphere on the Caribbean charter yacht.

Most people looking for a vacation in the Caribbean will opt for a trip on a Virgin Islands yacht charter. However, if you prefer to travel in style and don’t have time to spend a week on a boat, a luxury Caribbean yacht charter could be just what you’re looking for. A luxury Caribbean yacht charter is available from some of the most reputable staterooms in all of the Caribbean. These are the same staterooms that guests of the West End and London Eye have used for years. Unlike a West End or Broadway show, the crew of a Virgin Islands yacht charter will treat you like the royal guests that you deserve to be treated to.

While many Caribbean sailing vacations use West End or Broadway shows to lure visitors, many also choose these same staterooms for their exclusive Caribbean sailing vacations. The same elegant accommodations and panoramic views of the Caribbean sky remain, but the service and the luxury of the Caribbean charter yachts change. ZunZun Caribbean offers staterooms that rival the best in luxury, entertainment, and service. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in privacy or incredible entertainment, ZunZun Caribbean caters to your every need.

ZunZun Caribbean is known for providing the ultimate in customer service and has received accolades from passengers and professional yacht captains. There is even a celebrity chef whose food is on the menu! If you want to experience a truly unforgettable vacation, sign up for a West End or Broadway show during your stay on a Caribbean sailing yacht charter. You’ll never forget the experience and will return year after year to enjoy more sailing adventures. All of these experiences can only be found aboard a West End or Caribbean sailing yacht charters.