Wellsys 9000 CT Water Cooler to make your water drinkable

The Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler gives cool, reviving drinking water all day, every day. These coolers join your home or business’ water supply and run the water through cutting-edge channels, altogether diminishing debasements and impurities. The sifted water is then put away in an inward stockpiling tank, so you’ll have a lot close by at whatever point you want it. Wellsys 9000 has an assortment of bottle-less choices, giving you chilly, warm, hot — and surprisingly chilled — water at the press of a button.

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Benefits of the Wellsys 9000 CT water cooler

  • Wipeout plastic containers- Excess plastic concentration in the environment is hazardous and thus should be eliminated.
  • Inventive Design and Technology- A cooler that is made of exceptional state-of-the-art technology.
  • All Stainless Steel Reservoirs- stainless steel makes it a highly durable product.
  • Balances pH levels in the water- neutralizes the effect of acidity in water and makes it safe to consume.
  • Alkalinity Enhanced- it is done by the addition of minerals into the water.
  • Insusceptible Detox- it helps to detoxify the body and improve your health and immune system.
  • Supplement Boost- The essential nutrients in drinking water are calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Each of these minerals raises the pH and alkalinity.
  • Clean Fresh Taste- pure water enriched with nutrients gives it a delightful taste.

What makes Us exceptional?

Clearwater is a family asserted and worked business that is one of the greatest creating selective bottleless water providers in the New England Area. With in excess of a period of association of giving quality things, our middle is to pass on prosperity and wellbeing decisions to our customers. 

Our focal objective is to decrease the carbon impression of the drinking water industry by discarding plastic water bottles and pointless vehicles with sensible and pragmatic other choices. Our exquisite range of products serves this purpose only.

With Wellsys 9000 CT Water Cooler, your everyday water problems will disappear in a second. Our place of usage structures gives delightful water that is innocuous to the environment. We invite you to join the Clearwater family and experience the upsides of luscious jug-less water outfitted with neighborhood care.

Clearwater adhere strictly to the following set of beliefs:-

  • Water is the “building square of life” and pure water is basic for extraordinary prosperity.
  • “Clearwater” not “most decreased expense” should be fundamental when picking water advancement.
  • Advancement has made gaining clean water adequately open today.
  • At Clearwater, we acknowledge that everyone should opt for pollution-free water.
  • That is the explanation that Clearwater is a satisfied accessory of Water For People, an affiliation that assists people in horticultural countries further fostering their fulfillment with a month-to-month gift to the affiliation. 
  • Clearwater maintains the progression of locally attainable drinking water resources, cleansing workplaces and prosperity, and tidiness tutoring programs.
  • Our products such as the Wellsys 9000 CT Water Cooler ensure quality and purity.

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