Wellness & SPA: All You Need To Hear

It is pleasant to spend time in the SPA hotel regardless of the season of the year. The comfort of SPA center procedures will always harmoniously complement the dynamics of a ski track or long walks. Any active holiday, whether it be beach activities or viewing architectural gems, immersion in fascinating museum exhibitions, or mass entertainment events, and in fact, we need a relaxing holiday. With the help of massage, medical and cosmetic procedures, wellness and SPA restores energy, strengthens the state of the body, and heals your body from fatigue.

Many spa areas provide their guests with a variety of recreational opportunities. At your service – revitalizing balneological centers and various thermal spas, thalassotherapy, and the latest novelties in the world of spa and wellness.

That is why TEZ TOUR offers a wonderful health-improving vacation in many countries of the world. Travel to popular resorts in Turkey, which blend perfectly with the health benefits of the hot springs in the northwest of the country.

At least 2 reasons to visit these healing mineral springs:

it is a unique healing effect and rejuvenation of the skin of the whole body, proven for centuries (with incredible oils and minerals);

The unique composition of water in the springs optimizes the balance of trace elements in the body, which contributes to the improvement of the whole person as a whole.

And if you chose tours to neighboring Egypt, then there you can enjoy Spa massages and stone treatment. Rejuvenation of the body after procedures “pearl massage” and “diamond rain”.

Italy, will delight you with its classics. This healing country will fill your soul and body with harmony and fully enjoy the power and life-giving energy of nature and water.

There are several reasons why it is worth visiting the SPA centers in Italy:

Wellness with sea water, as well as algae, therapeutic mud and other sea products.

Wellness complexes using thermal and fresh water with cosmetic effect.

Medical and recreational complexes, using hot thermal springs that treat internal organs (aroma baths, inhalations and other procedures).

Thailand! Where can you go without Thai massage ?! Having visited this exotic country, you will be helped by a unique development of Thai ethnic medicine – peeling using the hottest black pepper. Aromatic massage of the head, body and legs using unique oils of your choice:

  • Cleansing milk bath (cow milk based).
  • Massage with firming and moisturizing creams.
  • And at the end of the session, relaxing hot herbal tea.

Each country brings its own flavor to the holiday. The Caribbean version of spa programs in Cuba offers a comfortable resort Varadero, where even nature brings the vacationer into harmony with himself and with the universe. Hot Spain is famous not only for the sharpness of emotions, but also for the excellent service of many thermal complexes throughout the country. The piercing calm of the ocean in the Maldives frees the mind from the hustle and bustle and provides the widest range of treatments – from classics to cutting-edge approaches to excellence and beauty. The relaxation techniques of the United Arab Emirates start with endless luxury and use extremely rare natural ingredients.

Whichever country you go to, with TEZ TOUR you will always expect not only pleasant wellness and SPA rest, but also competent travel organization, the best hotel complexes, endless entertainment options, interesting excursions and always a great mood!

Features of SPA (SPA) – programs

Today, almost all SPA centers and beauty salons in Kiev offer their clients a wide range of procedures and programs that have a positive effect on human health and well-being. So, for example, due to health-improving SPA programs, you can cure inflammation in the body, get rid of rheumatism, forget about chronic diseases (nervous disorders, pain in the spine, etc.).

Preparation for the procedure:

For the visitors of most beauty salons, an exciting moment is a preparation for a trip to the spa salon. Some recommendations should be followed. So, for example, one day before the procedure, it is recommended to spend a fasting day. Do not overeat two to three hours before visiting your beautician. Avoid applying makeup. At the preliminary consultation, be sure to tell the beautician about your existing health problems. Thus, the risk of negative consequences will be minimized.


“The magic of chocolate”

As for the most popular procedures included in the spa programs, these are massage, saunas, body wraps, and the use of spa capsules. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the main ones in more detail. We start with a spa program called Magic of Chocolate.

It’s no secret that chocolate is an extremely effective tool for getting a beautiful and slender body. Very often, it is chocolate that is called sweet medicine. One condition is to use the properties of chocolate not internally, but externally.

SPA program “Magic of Chocolate” is aimed at activating metabolic processes in the body, stimulating the breakdown of fats, and enhancing microcirculation. After completing the course of procedures, the skin gains elasticity and smoothness, and there will be no trace of the notorious “orange peel”.

This procedure includes:

1. Chocolate wrap.

2. Coffee and chocolate peeling.

3. Massage with warm oil.

The defining component is cocoa butter. By the way, this ingredient has a tonic and healing effect. This is due to the fact that cocoa butter contains tannin, caffeine, methylxanthine, as well as a rich assortment of fatty acids. The component also contains a unique element called cocohil. This substance is aimed at accelerating the growth of skin cells. Thus, “Magic of Chocolate” is a procedure that effectively fights wrinkles, perfectly stimulating collagen synthesis and, as a result, increasing skin elasticity. Scientists have also found that chocolate perfectly stimulates microcirculation and “cell respiration”, normalizes blood flow and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.