Welcoming Your Wedding Guests in Style

One of the few things you need to decide on when you are planning your wedding is a welcome sign. You might think this is something trivial but the truth is, this is what your guests would first see. Welcome signs are also not only for aesthetic purposes, they also serve a very important task. Welcome signs could also display the wedding’s schedule or include the couple’s wedding hashtag. They also set the mood especially with the wedding’s theme or motif.

With an important responsibility such as this, you need to take time when you are planning and deciding on how your welcome sign would look like.

Choose a readable font

Before you get overwhelmed with all the intricate styles and designs of your welcome sign, make sure first that you are choosing a readable font, after all how would your guests know what’s in store for them if they are not even in the correct venue where you would be having your wedding and reception? They might not even be able to post some photos of your wedding on social media because your wedding hashtag is not written or printed legibly.  Remember that wedding welcome signs are what the guests will see and if your sign is haphazardly done, your guests might not feel welcome.

wedding welcome signs
Image Source: Unsplash

Sign must be in accordance to your theme

Since welcome signs help set the mood, you have to remember that the sign must be in accordance to your theme. If your theme or motif is rustic, a wooden welcome sign with flowers and foliage would help set the whole mood and aesthetic of your wedding venue. If your wedding venue would be in a garden, have your welcome sign nature inspired. If it is going to be a beach wedding, decorate your sign with a nautical theme and your guests would instantly get the idea of what your wedding would be.

Associate it to you and your spouse to be

Are you a teacher? Or is your spouse to be a handyman? Your family and friends would instantly relate your chalkboard welcome sign to you or a pallet welcome sign to your spouse. Making your welcome sign like this would make it even more personal and your welcome sign unique and extraordinary.

Create one yourself

But if you truly want your welcome sign to be unique, why not make one yourself? Not only would it be one of a kind, it would also be significantly cheaper since you would only be spending on the materials. You could even make it more affordable by scouring your home and upcycling some of your stuffs lying around. You only need to be creative and an outside of the box thinker to make a welcome sign your guests would have a hard time not taking a few snaps of.

Once your welcome sign is finalized, it would be easier for you to decide on the other wedding decorations since you already have a prototype or base of what your wedding adornments would be.