Welcome to the Course of AWS Certificated Developer

Hello! Everyone! Welcome to the course of AWS Certificated Developer. What are the biggest shortages facing us in the 21st century? The shortage of talents! What types of talents the most industries lack? Developers! All walks of life are looking for energy-efficient developers, hoping that they can quickly and efficiently develop a variety of applications, constantly improve production efficiency and achieve greater benefits.

The cloud computing industry is in the ascendant, constantly empowering a new generation of developers to become real creators and builders, which strips away the heavy and repetitive basic work, so that they can really focus on the creative work that produces new value. As a developer, this is a wonderful and hopeful era. In therms of individual developers, with the help of cloud computing, they can realize their dreams at any time as long as they have good ideas. They don’t have to worry about the huge IT investment in the start-up. They can make a success so long as they devote every effort to their own products. For all kinds of enterprises, they can make full use of the ability of cloud computing to quickly develop a variety of business code in constantly iterative process and rapid improvement, which is able to provide programmers who have a good command of the ability in cloud computing with more development opportunities. In the talent market, employers are thirsty for talents with cloud computing skills, who are much sought-after.

How to make good use of this historical opportunity is a topic that contemporary developers can’t miss. AWS is an unquestionable leader and innovator in the cloud computing industry. It is far ahead in the category, function, reliability, innovation and other dimensions of products, and has become an example for other friends in the industry to learn from. AWS has prepared high-quality cloud computing development tools for developers who use various programming languages. With these tools, developers can quickly unlock the huge capacity of cloud computing and multiply their production efficiency.

The course of AWS Certificated Developer is prepared for the students who have already understood the basic concepts of AWS cloud computing, have a deep understanding of more than one advanced programming language, and are interested in learning the development of cloud computing programs and completing the AWS Certified Developer certification examination. Students need to understand core AWS services, usage methods and the best practices of basic AWS architecture, be proficient in developing, deploying and debugging cloud based applications, and be able to write applications using AWS service API, AWS CLI and software development kit. What’s more, students need to deploy applications using CI/CD pipes in AWS, interact with applications through AWS Service and write codes by applying the basic knowledge of the original cloud application, can use AWS security best practice to write code, code applications without server, and understand the methods of using containers in the development process.

By studying this course carefully and practicing hard, at the end of the course, students will be able to understand the strong support provided by AWS cloud for developers, and use these cloud capabilities to develop high-quality applications that meet the needs of the cloud era, and make sufficient preparation for obtaining AWS developer certification.

This course is mainly based on video courseware, with relevant text instructions and network links. The video courseware will be organized according to the theme, and will give you an in-depth explanation of the characteristics and working principle of the relevant AWS components in no more than 20 minutes. The content is condensed according to the official technical documents, the video materials delivered by the AWS product manager, and the best practices of the industry, with compact rhythm, substantial content and endless aftertaste.

In addition to the basic explanation of text and video, the course are also interspersed with a large number of practical content and practical code. During the course of the experiment, teahouse teachers guide students hand-in-hand to use AWS products and services. The course also provides a full set of practical code, mainly using the Python language SDK of AWS, and explains the AWS products and services through coding that are often used in the actual development process line by line. The sample codes of other programming languages are also provided as reference materials for students to learn. Finally, the course is equipped with corresponding exercises to consolidate your knowledge!

Sign up for this course, you can quickly promote from an ordinary developer to a developer in the cloud era, control the enormous substantial capabilities provided by AWS cloud at a more sedate pace, become a high-energy and highly productive IT creator and cloud developer, and successfully pass the certification!

This course provides an in-depth explanation of the content of AWS:

  • AWS computing services, storage, database services;
  • AWS DynamoDB NoSQL database;
  • AWS architecture without server;
  • AWS application deployment, Devops;
  • AWS container;
  • AWS monitoring;
  • AWS security development;

Before taking part in the course, you can grasp the knowledge of current AWS certifications, their difficulty and cost. why I want to take the AWS certification and FAQ page. This course will be updated continuously according to the content of the actual examination to ensure that the course can be of real help for you to pass the AWS certification exam. What are you waiting for? Join this course quickly!

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