Welcome To Another Smart City: Lahore Smart City

Smart cities are the new attraction of the people of Pakistan. Smart cities got immense popularity in Islamabad. So on the demand of citizens of Lahore; it is starting in Lahore too.  The capital city Islamabad got popular because of its international standards and features. The concept of a smart city is though not new for the world; there are few countries with all the true features of a smart city. The smart city of Lahore is also developed in the same pattern.  Nothing less will be available in the Lahore smart city. So what to expect from a smart city?

Smart Features:

What makes a smart city distinguishing itself is its facilities. There are some smart facilities that are absent from other local housing societies. In a smart city, there will be smart features of automatic street lights to prevent the cost of overuse—intelligent traffic control system to reduce accidents. Moreover, there will enhanced facilities of the net with free availability of WiFi zones everywhere. Smart resource management and intelligent buildings with all the built-in features of smart cities are the attraction there.


Usually, it is expected that such a versatile and facilitated housing society should and must be highly-priced. However, the perception is wrong and, in fact, the opposite of what is thought. The plots are not overpriced. There are differently sized plots distributed in two districts executive block and overseas block. Available sizes in these two blocks are 5, 10 20 Marlas. Though these are two differently styled districts, there is no compromise on facilities or qualities.  The executive block is designed according to the requirement of the Pakistani population. In comparison, the overseas block is according to their demand and preferences. However, all the plots are available at attractive installments will a down payment as the first installment. 


Infrastructure is another reason one choices or rejects a housing society. Lahore smart city doesn’t disappoint us here too. One can see the state-of-the-art infrastructure that was designed but world-class designers and architectures. There was no stone left unturned to get something of high quality. It has economic zones and commercial areas that are not only purposed built but also aesthetically designed to give an excellent treat to the eyes. It has a modern cinema house and entertainment centers—a fully functional and designed hospital with all the latest facilities. There are 4 star and 5-star hotels with fully equipped conference rooms and meeting halls.  Golf is a favourite pastime, so society has 18 hole golf club designed by international designers.

Peace and Security:

Housing societies are preferred based on peace and security. Peace and security are maintained based on facilities a housing society provides that should be something more than traditional means. So the smart city has the latest CCTVs. Moreover, it has green belts and a thematic garden with beautiful landscapes. Moreover, there is a smart garbage collection system to ensure a clean and green environment. Moreover, there are underground utility lines that enhance safety.

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