Weekly House Cleaning: how to make it easier and more enjoyable

Cleaning a house or apartment is an integral part of the life of any prudent person. Everyone understands that by accumulating rubbish and dust, we not only turn our housing into a dump, but also harm our health. Often a person wonders how often it is necessary to clean the house? After all, you don’t want to do this unreasonably repeatedly, but living in an untidy room is also unpleasant. Where is the golden mean?

Weekly house cleaning rules

It has been proven that house or apartment cleaning once a week gives a lasting effect and is the prevention of the accumulation of a large amount of debris and dust. This is the most optimal mode: not too often, so that the process does not take much time, and not too rarely, so that the work goes quickly and efficiently.

Create a specific plan and follow it every time. So cleaning will be more fruitful and faster. Plus, with a plan, you won’t miss anything. What rules do you need to know and in what order to carry out weekly cleaning?

  • Before cleaning (or during it), open a window. This will allow fresh air to enter and minimize the presence of dust during the process itself.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools – a serviceable cleaned vacuum cleaner, rags, mops, detergents.
  • Tidy up your bed first. If necessary, take a new set of bedding, then make the bed. This should be done at the beginning of cleaning, as during the process of changing the material, threads, pile, and other small particles of fabric may fly.
  • Tidy up all the shelves in the wardrobe, put everything in its place to give the apartment an aesthetically correct look.
  • To save time, load the washing machine right away (a clean wardrobe and bedding is also part of the weekly cleaning).
  • If you have accumulated unironed items in a week, then before starting a full-fledged cleaning, you should take care of them (after all, they can also cause a lot of dust).
  • The next important step is dusting once a week from all surfaces. It is important to do this with a damp cloth, in parallel, you can put all things in their places.
  • The next step is to vacuum all accessible surfaces, including furniture (if your vacuum cleaner has a special nozzle).
  • Do not forget to wipe the floor with a damp cloth, even if you have thoroughly vacuumed it. Wet cleaning will collect the remains of the smallest dust.
  • And finally, wipe dry without streaks of glass (mirrors, windows, all glass in cabinets). Be sure to use special products for cleaning glass surfaces. Otherwise, divorce will remain.

Once the main cleaning is completed, you should start cleaning important rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen and corridors. It will take more time and effort than cleaning in ordinary rooms – cleaning domestic premises has a slightly different character and takes much more time. If you are not ready for this, then you can always find a cleaning service near you and professional cleaners will do everything for you.  

Features of cleaning problem rooms

Cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom has its own characteristics, because these rooms have special sanitary and kitchen appliances. Therefore, these rooms should be given special attention:

  • Kitchen. Remove unnecessary things from all surfaces, arrange them in their places. Using cleaning products, wipe all kitchen tables and countertops to a shine. Also, do not forget to clean the windowsill, sink, stove. Wipe all appliances, because they accumulate a lot of dust on themselves. The stove and sink are the dirtiest parts of the kitchen, so give them your full attention. As the last step, you need to wash the floors with a damp cloth.
  • Bathroom. Thoroughly clean the sink, bathtub or shower stall, toilet bowl. There is also no need for chemicals. Then dust off the shelves and wipe the glass. Finally, clean the floor as well.
  • Corridors. Cleaning in these rooms is specific due to the accumulation of a large number of things. Remove clothes from hangers if you are not wearing them now. Also wash all shoes and put them in their places. Usually there is not much furniture in these rooms, so you only need to vacuum and mop the floor.

How to make weekly house cleaning easier?

Undoubtedly, house cleaning once a week will take you enough time. You will be tired, as after a long physical work. It will be right if the whole family becomes involved in the cleaning, then all cases can be divided into several people. However, if you are doing the cleaning yourself, there are some rules to follow. They will help simplify and make weekly work easier:

  • Every morning, put your bed in order, try to put things in the place intended for them.
  • The dishes should be washed every time after eating, and the stove and table should be wiped as they get dirty.
  • Clean up after yourself immediately if you spill liquid, spilled cereal, or broke a vase.
  • Take the trash out of the house as often as possible.
  • Keep all cleaning supplies available. As soon as one of them is over, immediately buy a new one.
  • Try to wash as you accumulate dirty things.

Once you organize your weekly house cleaning, it will be a joyful experience for you and will not bring much trouble. Maintain cleanliness with pleasure!