weekend In Dubai Features The Best Offers Worldwide

You may have heard a lot about Dubai and all the shopping fantasies it brings. However, that’s not all the city has to offer. In fact, it has turned itself into more of a Heaven on the planet and it brings everything from best architecture, top notch facilities, best real estate around, and the most attractive spots for the travelers.

Spend just 3 days in Dubai and you’ll be able to explore a whole new world of fantasies and luxuries. Just grab a few must-haves with the likes of sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, and water and start exploring this beautiful wonder of the world.

Start With A Shopping Spree In The Best Malls Of The World
A perfect experience in Dubai should definitely start with lots of shopping. And, with plenty of shopping malls around, you can never run short of options.

Located near Dubai International Airport, the popular Ibn Batuta Mall is modeled after Ibn Batuta – the popular traveler from middle ages – and everything he explored. So, the mall is not only exciting but quite educative as well. All the sections in the mall follow some travel route that Ibn Batuta had undertaken, giving shoppers a unique feel of different countries and cultures. There’s a food court in the mall as well where you can enjoy a huge variety of Lebanese, Iranian, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Mexican, and Indian cuisines among many others. It will also give you lasting memories of a wonderful shopping experience too.

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There’s also a wonderful Mercato Shopping Mall which is located in Jumeirah. The architecture of the mall takes its inspiration from Italian Renaissance period. You’ll instantly get a feel of Italian laid back lifestyle as soon as you’ll get into the mall and can explore everything from shopping squares, restaurants and cafes all within. The beautiful mall also offers balconies in its upper floor from where you can enjoy the view of the surrounding beauty. The mall hosts some live bands in the evening as well and makes your shopping experience rejuvenating.

Another exclusive mall you must visit in Dubai is the beautiful Dubai Mall. The place is quite alive with all the shops and exotic variety you can explore here. From musical fountains to Dubai Aquarium as well as a beautiful underwater zoo, the mall offers you a range of attractions to make your family shopping experience worthwhile. The Mall also boasts of a beautiful ice skating rink that is a hot favorite among sports lovers. So, if you want an all unique experience, you really need to head to the Dubai Mall when in Dubai.

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Explore The Luxuries In The City
When you are in Dubai, make sure that you visit the iconic Burj-Al-Arab. This luxury hotel takes pride in being the most luxurious around the world as it’s the only 7-star hotel we have so far. As you have to pay for all those luxuries you want to be entitled to in life, the hotel charges you just for crossing over its bridge too. However, if you don’t want to spend money on enjoy the luxuries of beautiful Burj-Al-Arab then you’d be better off spending some time at the vivacious emerald green sea beach surrounding the hotel. Spend some time observing the surfers, sunbathers and the swimmers and you’ll love the beauty of Dubai’s pristine white sand beaches.

The Atlantis is another such luxury destination where everyone wants to be when they’re in Dubai. The Atlantis is home to lots of resorts, hotels, luxury villas and aquariums among other things. If you want to see the beautiful palm shaped tree, the design in which the Atlantis is built, try taking a bird’s eye view of the resort. There are a variety of staying options available here even for the most discerning of tourists.

Experience The Unique Side Of Dubai
There are many unique experiences that you can enjoy here in this part of the world. One such experience that you’d never want to miss out on is riding the Arabian Dhow, also known as the fishing boat. The ride will give you a unique look at the city during the night and you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful leisurely cruise for a minimal cost. An amazing dinner buffet is also part of the deal.

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