Wedding Trends for 2021

A wedding is one of life’s biggest milestones, and we all know that it’s not something that can be organized overnight. Planning a wedding can either be a stressful scenario, or a part of the cherished journey to married life. Aside from venues, wedding packages, dresses and guest lists, wedding trends for the year can also be a source of inspiration as to what direction you would like for this once-in-a-lifetime special event. Scroll down below for some of 2021’s biggest wedding trends!

Intimate Gatherings

The pandemic might be partly blamed for this but more and more couples who are looking to marry are setting their sights on intimate gatherings instead of lavish weddings. Even if the dangers of Covid-19 hopefully disappear by 2021, it’s still forecasted that this type of event will remain to be the top choice for many.

 Instead of the classic wedding ceremony and party that has a large number of attendees thus making the whole scene a blur to the newly weds, intimate weddings allow them to breathe easy and focus on each loved one. With an ideal guest list of around 25 persons only, the bride and groom can spend more time having quality moments with people who are actually part of their lives. 

By having close groups of people that are comfortable with each other, this also reduces the need for tradition and stiff speeches. Intimate gatherings tend to be relaxed and casual. This is ideal for modern couples who value having their own sets of rules and personality integrated in the wedding instead of following the classics. 

Taking Cues from Nature

More people are becoming environmentally-conscious nowadays and it’s a positive thing that this is also reflecting in our year’s wedding trends. Couples are opting for eco-friendly and sustainable ways to host their wonderful events. This goes from the venue and decor, wedding favors, and even wedding activities. 

For venues, garden and beach weddings are becoming trendy recently since they don’t consume a lot of electricity usage. By utilizing natural lighting and fresh air, nature becomes part of the romantic and moody ambience. Different wedding packages can also be seen offering ways to incorporate this surging popularity in weddings by having tent set-ups, outdoor concept lights, and even greenery decors to accommodate such increasing demands. 

DIY projects as wedding favors are also a brilliant way to have a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly effect on your weddings, while having a personal and meaningful touch. Some ideas that can be easily done are potted plants gifts, DIY scented candles, honey jars with cute packaging, and even baked goods. Sometimes, it’s not about the favors per se but how it’s presented!

Recently, non-traditional wedding activities such as tree-planting and usage of paper straws and wooden utensils are becoming much more visible in weddings. Not only is it for aesthetics and social media purposes, but it also actually serves its purpose of being beneficial for the environment in its own small way. 

Practicality & Experience Over Aesthetics

With the trend having less focus on lavish affairs and intention to impress a large number of guests, couples are able to become more practical and now tend to value unique experiences over traditional and elaborate aesthetics. 

Wedding buffets wherein you have to que and bring your own plate to the buffet table are now a thing of the past, which is also partially due to the safety hazards and challenges posed by the pandemic. Instead, the trend is leaning towards customized and ornate meals served for each person. This doesn’t reduce the impact at all since these meals are well-plated and often comes with unique themes that go well with the overall wedding concept. 

With less production budget, spontaneity is also a game-changer for wedding planning. The planned unplanned vibe is something that, when done right, can be magical for both the newlyweds and the guests no matter how inexpensive the entire event is. This can be done by having impromptu speeches by loved ones, surprise dances by one or both of the spouses, and even flash-mob performances by dear family and friends. 

The Wedding Dress

Aside from the venue, decor, and activities, one thing that guests look forward to seeing during the day itself is the wedding dress of the bride. It’s not a party without the belle of the ball! In line with the loss of formality and stiffness in ceremonies, wedding dresses are also becoming more and more less formal. In 2020, it is forecasted that unstructured and relaxed dresses will be much more common. Since weddings are also mostly being done in romantic gardens and beaches, this makes the most sense in terms of attire. Big ball gowns won’t be the top choice anymore as simple and classic dresses wherein brides can dance the night away will be the more practical option. Unlike wedding dresses before where conventional white is customary, soon-to-be brides of 2021 are becoming more in favor and accepting of using pops of colors such as pink, baby blue, and even rose red in their dresses. 

Aside from actual wedding dresses, women’s suits and trousers are also a good alternative depending on the bride’s personality. In the past few years, wearing pants on your big day is already being seen as trendy and an edgy take on the classics. If you’re the type of bride to value comfort over glamorous fashion, then this is the go-to outfit for your wedding this 2021!

Key Takeaway

With all the changes and challenges everyone is facing lately, whether it may be social, physical, or environmental, it’s inevitable that these will also lead to some changes in the wedding trends this upcoming year 2021. With practicality, customizability, and sustainability in mind, you can never go wrong on your big day!