Wedding Guide 2021: How to Get Married Online without Traveling

Love demands patience and compromise. Sometimes love demands to break the norms and do what just feels right. That’s how couples around the world felt when pandemics hit hard. Marriage plans got cancelled, and wanting to get married during COVID-19 is a nightmare for everyone. Life has changed drastically for those who planned their wedding in 2020. 

But what if marriage without traveling was possible? 

Would you do it? In fact, several couples opted for this option! It’s not surprising when the future is still questionable. And it looks like the pandemic isn’t going anywhere soon so why not improvise the marriage details? Technology wll play a vital role in digital weddings, hence becoming the savior!

Is it Possible to Get Married Online without Traveling? 

Yes! At one point getting married required the physical presence of the bride, groom and witness. BUT NOT ANYMORE! 

If you were forced to delay or cancel your wedding due to the worldwide epidemic, there are certain ways you can still get married online without traveling documents even. No joke. 

Follow the tips down below so that you can say “I Do” on your planned wedding date. 

Zoom Wedding 

Large gatherings amid pandemic are life-threatening. Therefore couples now can use technology to their best advantage. Zoom officially used for meetings is now turning into a trending #ZoomWedding. 

This enterprise video streaming app is now the reason for your friends and family to attend your wedding online! It offers a bright ray of hope for couples waiting to get married without any further delay. Marriage without traveling documents is possible now thanks to Zoom! 

Online Law Marriage License 

If you happen to live in California, count your lucky stars ‘cause you can now obtain an online marriage license via videoconference. It was announced on April 30, 2020. 

Ohio, Colorado, and New York were among the first pioneers to lead the online wedding scenarios. So a wedding without traveling is not a dream anymore, it is a legal reality. Although getting the marriage license is usually done in person, due to unprecedented conditions, residents are allowed to get it online. 

All you need is at least one witness to join the video conference. 

Do not Miss the Deadlines 

Every wedding licence issued will expire. Let’s say you got your wedding license in California. You have only a 90 days slot to get married. For the authorities, the wedding licence is binding the moment it is issued. 

So instead of delaying any further, it is recommended to get married right away. You can plan a wedding in the backyard, decorate the place and set up a barbecue for two! It will be a real intimate moment in such emotional times. 

Online Officiation 

So what if your wedding planner is not going to be the mad hatter for the official day. You can still acquire their service to get you an online officiate, to get married! 

Now each country has different policies withholding due to pandemic, so you have to make sure that it’s a legal officiation via video conferencing. In this case, marriage location is vital too. It will determine the validity of the marriage without traveling especially if the couple is living in separate states during the lockdown. 

Getting married is one of the most important days in a person’s life. An emotional moment is empowered by online apps, licenses and whatnot. Despite the physical absence of your loved ones, even if you get married in your living room by following the above-mentioned tips it will be worth it.