Wedding Day Checklist – Make Your Big Day Memorable

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On the day of your wedding, you will want everything to be perfect. All of the months of planning and carefully putting the whole event together will boil down to just one day. You will want to enjoy and make the most of it since it is the most memorable day of your and your partner’s life. But that requires some detailed consideration on your part. Everything from your princess dress to the flowers decoration needs to be for you to have a coordinated and easygoing day. So, how can you ensure that your big day turns out flawlessly without any obstacles?


To make sure you enjoy every second of your special day, you should have a wedding day checklist at hand. This plan makes sure that everything is smoothly set and organized during the ceremony. When you break down the entire event into a few simple tricks and boxes, you will be able to enjoy everything and make the most of that beautiful day with friends and family. Either you are preparing for a classic wedding or made arrangements for a destination wedding, your checklist will give you peace of mind to enjoy your big day.




Have you ever attended a wedding that stood out for you because of its organized way? Was it fun and easy to navigate because everything was done on time, and there was no tension? You could potentially have this kind of wedding for yourself if you just do some quick thinking. From deciding on delivery times to your dress and the nature of flower centerpieces you need, you can list everything down.


Since there are so many choices out there, it is easy to get stressed out. But, with the right mindset, you will be able to have a wonderful time while celebrating your commitment to your partner. Since for multiple reasons, you will need professional help; a great deal of satisfaction lies with the service providers you are going to hire. For instance, one of the most exciting aspects of the entire journey is the wedding car, and among most trusted and renowned names, formal car hire Sydney comes at the top of the list.


Let’s check out the rest of the items to tick the boxes.




Before you enter the wedding week, you have to ensure that arrangements with the vendors are confirmed. Not only will you be needing to remind them of the order and the time of delivery, but also about the venue. Any special addition in the bookings must be made sufficiently well before the arrangements are finalized.




It is customary for the bride to give her bridesmaids presents on her big day. These can be small items with nostalgic value or something significant and meaningful for all your friends to remember for the rest of their lives. Capture these unforgettable moments of your life and relive the warmth and happiness all your life.




The bride’s dress is an essential part of the checklist, or you can say the center of attention. The dresses of both bride and groom must be double-checked in all terms, i.e., complete satisfaction with the alterations and complementing accessories must be brought home weeks ago. Therefore, make sure you get someone trustworthy to deliver it to the location before you get there.




Everyone knows that the bride will wear a stunning pair of heels on her wedding day. But, once the ceremony is over and you move onto the reception, you will want something a bit more comfortable. Be sure to keep a pair of flats at hand so you can meet the guests and dance with your partner throughout the night.




While enhancing the feelings of love and affection for the special day, one cannot ignore the special night. Either online or on stores, thousands of seductive and amazing lingerie are available that you can buy in various colors as well as in pairs. It can serve as a small but romantic gift for your better half.




It is advised that you leave nothing for the last minute. So, while you and your partner are arranging everything, have an intimate discussion with your photographer and give him a list of essential shots he needs to take. Even if you have hired an excellent professional, you will need to point out which shots you need besides the obvious ones. So, let your photographer know everything in advance about your desire for the wedding photo album.




Your marriage certificate is an important document that needs to be picked up before the ceremony. Both you and your partner will sign it in front of an official member from the bureau, and it needs to be done before the day is over.




This is the perfect time to check who has arrived from your RSVP list. And, if at the last minute, you have some people strangling to RSVP, you need to deal with it immediately. It is better to have the count in your mind, so you know where the guests need to be seated.




Before the wedding reception takes place, figure out the logistics of your honeymoon. You will be off to an exotic destination with the love of your life soon the wedding is over. So make sure that everything is confirmed. From hotel booking to flights and reservations, make sure that you are up to speed with everything ahead of time. 




A bride needs to have a touch-up kid at hand on her wedding day. This will include blotting pads to keep her makeup intact, some lipstick in case some of the gets erased, breath mints, tweezers, bobby pins, and baby powder, just in instance of need.




Once you have all of these things ticked and nearby, you will be able to get your wedding preparation on the road. You will be stress-free and enjoying the night with your bridesmaids the day before the wedding. And with everything in place, you will be able to witness the most memorable day of your life pass by without any issues and hassle.