Website development constraints

With modern innovations and upgrades making the world a perfect communication medium and involving the elements of software interaction modules, internet communications have become the principal source of transmitting and executing work orders. With the development of the Internet, communication dynamism has been brought about into the working of the organizational system improving the efficiency of operations and bringing about effective productivity in the software orientation process. Among the internet applications that have gathered the highest quantum and velocity of speed and growth is a website development and designing of the web structure.

Website Development refers to the process of creating and designing a website for the company and incorporating the information on the services offered by the company, the organizational policies followed by the company, rules, and regulations of the business to be followed by the company, and the products of the company that is manufactured by the manufacturing units of the company set up. Thus Website Development helps in building a base for the organizational growth of the company incorporating elements of the business enterprise. We are all aware of the fact that a proper website helps in determining what the first impression of the client will be regarding the operational functions of the website. A website also helps in determining the lasting impression that might be created in the minds of the clients once they get a proper view of the website. However, there are a few constraints that hinder the growth of website development as a process and they can be listed below-

High Cost Incurred in Structuring the Website Development Process-

The process of creating a website incurs high cost since the elements involved in the creation of the website includes a proper web designer who would be doing the work of graphical rendering, a team of content creation experts who would be deciding the catchphrases and slogans for the company which would be acting as its objective of functioning and a professional team of experts employed to monitor the growth of the company’s website on social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For the proper allocation of these activities, a high amount of money is spent on employing these professionals as they require a huge amount of money as salary for the professional work and service they are providing to the organization. Thus the company that is in charge of employing such professionals should be able to invest a significant portion of the money as capital. For that, the business enterprise needs to generate sufficient profit so that they can meet the expenses of the enterprise. Thus the high-cost structure acts as one of the hindrances to the process of website development.

Time Barrier proving to be a major hindrance-

The process of website development is a detailed one and involves the application of technical skills on part of the internal employees who are already active members of the organization and also other employees who are recruited by the enterprise as forms of external recruitment. With proper analysis and in-depth study required to build the website from scratch and assemble a genuine information source for the clients who are visiting the website and forming an idea about the functioning of the enterprise. But time management is one of the issues that must be addressed during the process of website development. There are multiple projects on which the enterprise has to work and devote time so that one project does not become overemphasized and other important projects become redundant due to the lack of time. Hurrying the other projects and the absence of equal allotment of time slots leads to the rise in efficiency in performances and thus the results obtained are unproductive.

Delay in Launch Time of Application-

Another big hindrance that detours the growth of the website development process and leads to the increasing redundancy of website profiles is the high launch lag that is witnessed in the process of starting a website development application. Launch Time refers to the time involved in starting the website application after it has been created. After the website has been developed the designers involved in the process need to reboot the entire system so that the functioning of the operating system may return to normalcy and the initial functions of the system can be restored to their previous state. Thus launch time is considered to be one of the biggest hindrances to the growth of the website development process.


Thus although website development is considered to be the preliminary function leading to the development of a business enterprise as it forms the perfect first impression for the clients about the functioning of the business enterprise. Critical importance must thus be allotted to the process of website development so that adequate efficiency must be maintained.