Website Design Tips For Your Small Business

Designing a website for your small business has become a “must-do” part of any commerce-driven setup today.  You need a strong website to make a clear impact on your digital consumer pool.  

A great business website will work wonders for boosting the visibility and success of your business operation.  Take a few moments now to check out some website design tips for your small business, and consider how your design plans measure up.  

Design a simple navigation bar 

A simple navigation bar makes it easy for web users to start their exploration once they arrive at your site.  A stationary navigation bar eliminates confusion.  

This digital marketing business page shows just how easy a stationary navigation bar makes it to move around the content of a website.  If your website doesn’t have an easy ebay to explore, users won’t spend much time absorbing the content you have created.  

Build for mobile efficiency

Mobile users on the web are a certainty, and you want your design to serve everyone who wishes to explore your business website.  Cater to your mobile audience by instilling design techniques that craft pages that load and adapt easily on a range of mobile screens.  

Mobile efficiency also grants you a thumbs up with the search engines of the web.  You’ll rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages) when you have content that is optimized for mobile viewers. 

Use high quality images and videos

Speed is another vital aspect of a great website design.  People don’t want to wait around for your pages to load.  It’s important to make certain you’re uploading high quality images and videos for your pages, so everything will load quickly when users are exploring.  

If your images and videos are causing lag in your loading, compress the files.  Heavy pages put your site in danger of being abandoned.  Speed and a clean display are crucial to success.  

Add elements of communication

You want your website to help boost your business’s connection to your consumer base, so focusing on elements of communication is important when designing your business website.  

Create a contact page that offers numerous avenues for users to speak with professionals who can answer their questions, but sprinkle other communication opportunities throughout the design of your website.  Adding phone numbers and email sign-up boxes throughout will encourage users to connect.  

Don’t forget sharing icons 

Bring social media into your design by adding sharing icons in locations where people might naturally look for them.  Add sharing icons for all of the most popular social media platforms on your blog posts and homepage, and allow interested web users to help spread the word about your operation. 

TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team