Weatherproofing Your Mobile Home the Right Way

Weatherproofing homes is significant as certain seasons might become challenging to tolerate depending upon the locations. Places such as North and South Dakota and Minnesota face the coldest winter in America, while Washington State witnesses heavy rainfall. Places such as Corpus Christi have a humid summer. It becomes challenging to live in mobile homes that lack weather sealing in areas like this. So, it becomes necessary to weatherproof your mobile homes.

Weatherproofing homes is far more than just closing the doors and windows and lighting up the furnaces. If you want to weatherproof your homes, especially if you’re buying mobile homes in Corpus Christi,  it requires specific research and knowledge. Here, we tend to help out by telling you weatherproof your mobile home the right way.

Consider the seasons at your location

When planning to weatherproof your home, it becomes crucial to know and consider the seasons in that area, like how chilly the winters usually are or how much rainfall your area witnesses during the rainy season. Some places might see winters as cold or windy, while summers can be with scorching sun or humidity, just as in Corpus Christi. It all varies from place to place. Corpus Christi has subtropical weather with mild winters and rainy and humid summers.

After getting a fair idea about the weather, you can choose the best material required for weatherproofing your mobile homes in Corpus Christi. For example, certain materials are made and used to withstand heat; while some others might help you winterize your mobile home or make it rainproof. Certain materials are also capable of making your mobile home wind resistant.

Start with Structural Routine Maintenance

Before proceeding with weatherproofing, make sure your mobile home is structurally sound. Without proper maintenance and timely repairs, even the best weather proofing materials won’t work as refined as they should. So it is necessary to inspect your mobile home for any potential damages.

When inspecting, look for rifts at all of its walls and corners. If any rifts, cracks, or holes are visible, you’ll need to fix them.

Dealing with any problems or damages beforehand will ensure that your weatherproofing work will be productive.

Once the damage is dealt with proper repairs, you can start weatherproofing your home quickly without having much to worry about.

Inspect your roof and update / replace it with weatherproof

The roof is the most critical part of a regular or mobile home. The roof defines the shelter of the house and protects people from rain, winter, and summer. Therefore, it should guarantee safety and space.

Most homeowners choose metal roofing over others for weatherproofing because of its durability and strength throughout the seasons. However, there are also various options available to choose from for a perfect aesthetic and durable roof for your mobile home.

Keep in mind to walk and jump around the roof to check if all is good to go because a damaged roof would be the last thing you want during chilly or rainy weather.

As Corpus Christi generally has rainy summers, making sure roofs are waterproof. Certain things should be chosen by which roofs can be made waterproof. Materials such as Bitumen-based liquid membranes are easy to apply and provide good protection against water during rainy seasons.

Improve the insulation of your mobile home

The most efficient way to enhance the waterproofing of your mobile home is Insulation. Insulation helps save energy in mobile homes since it keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulating your mobile homes also helps you go eco-friendly and save more energy.

Various types of insulation can be used for walls, roofs or ceilings, and doors & windows.

Insulating the ceiling depends on whether it is ventilated or not. For example, ventilated ceilings near the rooftop can be nicely insulated with fiberglass batts and rigid foam, whereas spray foam would most certainly provide much better insulation to the unventilated ceiling.

You can use double-glazed windows and doors, meaning two panels of glass that are a few millimeters apart instead of a single glass.

Add emergency insulation and sealants

Many mobile homes have a slight gap between the window frame and the siding, which allows chilly wind during winter to enter the home. Sealing the gap with silicone caulk will help clog the window’s exterior frame from extreme cold and drafty winds.

Weather Sealing Tapes that can be used around windows and doors, which help seal cracks and keep cold air out.

Some waterproof sealants are also available for roofs to avoid leakage or seepage of water during rainy seasons, which becomes important if you live in places like Corpus Christi.

Final Words

Weatherproofing is much more than just sticking to a single method to seek protection against every weather. It requires knowledge and finding and applying proper ways to weatherproof your home.

Every mobile home has its requirements for weather sealing depending upon the materials used for construction and the weather of the mobile home’s area. Also, certain things such as inspecting the mobile home and repairing the damages need to be kept in mind before weather sealing.

Corpus Christi has humid or rainy summers, which makes it essential to make mobile homes more waterproof. There are specific ways by which it can be done. Here we’ve discussed how waterproofing of mobile homes has to be done the right way.


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