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His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is a highly educated and lateral thinker who brings creative ideas invigorated by his extensive banking experience.  

He has worked as a senior banker on Wall Street and is a competent and highly experienced trader in the derivative and bond markets. Sir Patrick led the Deutsche trade desk and was responsible for developing asset origination and distribution structures.

He is a senior adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office in various countries. He has helped large corporations create new credit structures for international supply chains, S.M.E.s, the public sector, and commodity clients across various financial products. These include supply chain finance, receivable finance, contract monetisation, private placement programs, and a broad range of trade services. 

He has tailored funding and investments for many different clients, including governments, banks, and financial institutions, and has implemented over $1.3B funding for social housing in the Bahamas, where he is a personal adviser to the Prime Minister. 

His financial architecture and engineering skills have created off-balance-sheet solutions to rectify capital adequacy shortfalls. Sir Patrick is also a venture capitalist — he has backed and advised several successful start-ups. He has extensive asset management experience and runs two significant funds. His return ratios are of the highest levels in his sector, offering clients very satisfying returns on their capital.

Sir Patrick’s vast experience and out-of-box thinking allowed him to design the masterful Leverage Wealth Program for funding projects and shaped leverage ratios and fractional reserves for central and prime banks worldwide. It was a remarkable indicator of his thesis. He has a doctorate in Economics and brings over 30 years of experience in his sector. 

As a notable investment banker, he has developed skills in business management, and as Senior Redemption Judge for the ICJ/ICC and UN Ambassador, he possesses expertise in ethics, corporate and judicial governance. He has several working relationships at the top of the international banking sector and other specific markets relative to his interests.  

His life achievements and storey are fascinating as His Excellency came to prominence after a client came forward with a need to raise $350 million for a large sports complex in New Jersey, USA 1988. As word spread, he ultimately had around $16 billion in projects that were sourcing funding. In 2015, he was introduced to a European private banker, where a relationship was developed to allow him to asset manage as a Fund Manager with five trade groups operating out of the top five banks. Sir Patrick talks us through his mission and the steps it takes to achieve this ambitious aim. 

His mission is to leave the world in a better place than he found it by creating alternative funding sources for worthwhile projects that will create jobs, benefit the environment and build/rebuild infrastructure in the nation’s around the world. This is accomplished by growing an extensive network of people who can meet the criteria required of the programs that fund these. Applying leadership, beneficial working relationships, and providing 110% effort on behalf of the programs and project developers, provides a space for collaboration between all parties concerned. One of His Excellency’s most significant challenges in his industry is finding authentic clients who have what they say they have, are evident in their intentions to follow the prescribed protocols in place from the international authorities, and cooperate fully and expediently. Once he has found such clients, they must be supported fully throughout the process, as Sir Patrick emphasises. 

“In all cases, the most important step in our customer service approach is to develop a relationship that is conducive to trust, integrity, truthfulness, honesty and understanding each client’s goals, and then providing the expertise and relationships to help them achieve success. We have learned that ego, ignorance, obstinacy, and arrogance are not worth our time when dealing with clients and their teams. So, an excellent client is someone with a pleasant personality and real projects. Communication is the most important activity we can engage in to keep information and conversations flowing, even when communications become difficult due to personalities. As much as a potential client is interviewing us, we are also interviewing them before we engage in order to ensure that clients understand what we need from them, and we fully understand what they are expecting from us.” 

As part of this focus on client service, Sir Patrick seeks the best-qualified individuals to support them. He explains., “I look for people who are intelligent, willing to learn, are not egotistical or obstinate, understand that opportunities come about often with very few being acted on for different reasons, and can absorb and communicate the facts. I look for great personalities coupled with a high degree of intelligence. I stay away from people who insist they know better or have some degree of expertise that may not be related to this business. I provide informational writings to help both clients and prospective intermediaries onboard actually read the materials. “Ultimately, people do business with people they like. We like people who have the right heart, mind, spirit and assets, and we like being a pathway to bring things about”. 

“The secret behind my success lies in intentionally creating good working relationships with principal clients.  As such, we work hard to ensure that we always have the best staff who can create these relationships and support our clients throughout the financing process.” Moving forward, His Excellency is excited about the future as he looks to grow and build upon his current success. The future for us is brighter every day. As we enjoy success with our clients, we intend to become principal investors in specific project areas of interest ultimately”. 

One of three authorised Investment bankers is working under the authority of a private banking entity that provides bank paper for Private Placement Project Funding Trade Programs. We inform, screen, and develop the relationship between Ultra-High Net-Worth individuals and corporate entities, as well as institutions and sovereigns—H.E Sir Patrick: 

“Genius is not how much you know.

it is how much you can figure out

with what you do know.”- SIR PATRICK BIJOU

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