We Will Never Be Royals: How The Royal Family Travels

I have never considered myself to be a girly girl, but I must admit, there was a point in my childhood life when I dreamt of being a princess. Belle, from Beauty and The Beast, was my favorite Disney princess when I was a kid (even now that I’m all grown-up if I’m being honest). I love the fact that she wasn’t really born into royalty, she’s just an ordinary girl from the village who loves to read books, and accidentally found her prince charming! It’s like she found the great love of her life without even meaning to.

Of course, that’s just a fairy tale. In reality, I couldn’t be far off from being a real princess. On the other side of the world, however, real princes and princesses exist. They belong to what we ordinary people call The Royal Family, who live in a palace in London. If you want to visit London and see Buckingham Palace, check out London x City.

Being a royal seems a magnificent and fabulous title to carry, but can also be overwhelming and exhausting. There are strict policies and guidelines one must adhere to. When they travel, is one example. Visiting different states and countries is one of the duties of the royal family, but there are regulations that they need to observe.

Check out some of the rules that the royal family must follow when they travel:

  1. Must Travel Separately. Probably morbid but a necessary rule. An empty throne is no good when you want to rule a kingdom. Royal heirs to the throne must travel separately, just in case something happens to one of their parents in transit. In doing so, someone will still be alive in the line of succession to take the throne.
  2. Color-Coded Luggage. Obviously, the royal family travels with a lot of luggage. To help them figure out which suitcases belong to whom, they came up with a color-coding system to make their lives a bit easier. Based on reports, Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge have yellow tags on their luggage, while Prince William’s color is blue. Prince Charles travels with a red tag on his suitcase, and the color green has been assigned to Princess Anne.
  1. British Airways is Strongly Recommended. Yes, the royals are allowed to fly commercially from time to time. When they decide to take a flight like that, reports say that it’s strongly recommended they use British Airways to support the UK economy. It actually makes sense, they show solidarity with a business from their own country.
  1. Mandatory Black Outfit. Nobody knows what lies in the future, not even the royals. This means that they have to be prepared for anything that may come up, including death, when they travel. A black outfit is a requirement for the royals to bring whenever they travel so they won’t be caught wearing brightly colored or inappropriate clothing just in case the unthinkable happens before they get back home.
  1. Bring Their Own Booze. Naturally, the royals will be offered drinks while traveling, but they tend to bring their own. According to reports, the bodyguards are the ones in charge of their own alcohol stash. This ensures that if the need arises and one of them wants to drink a little booze, it will not be spiked or poisoned. One can never be too trusting, right?

Ellen Hollington

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