We buy furniture online. Dako Furniture under the microscope

We live in a time when online shopping has become the norm. Clothing, footwear, cosmetics, and telephones are the most frequently purchased items online. However, when it comes to buying furniture online, there are still fluctuations – often due to incorrect stereotypes. Fortunately, there are online stores such as Dako Furniture, thanks to which online furniture shopping is satisfying and, most importantly, safe. Read on, and you will find out what distinguishes Dako Furniture!

Supporting the imagination with AR visualization

The most common reason for avoiding shopping in online furniture stores is… limited imagination. It is known that no one buys furniture without measuring – after all, a sofa is not a skirt, it cannot be narrowed or shortened. However, it’s not just about dimensions. When shopping in a stationary store, you can see the furniture, its actual colour and size – so it’s easier for you to imagine its arrangement in the flat. When shopping online, it is difficult because not only do you see “thumbnails” of furniture, but they are often presented on abstract backgrounds (which also does not make things easier). Fortunately, the Dako Furniture store took a step forward and enabled its customers to visualize using AR technology.

AR, i.e. augmented reality, allows you to “transfer” the image of selected furniture to a previously scanned room. Thanks to this, you can carefully examine a sofa or a wardrobe virtually placed in your home, and even design the entire interior from scratch.

Dako Furniture – wide selection and attractive prices

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of the Dako Furniture store is the wide selection of furniture offered. And it’s not just about choosing a wide range of colours, styles, or materials. The Dako Furniture store has garden and kitchen furniture in its assortment; furniture for the dining room, bedroom, and children’s room. In other words, you can furnish the whole house in one place, without leaving your bed!

Another advantage is low prices and attractive discounts. People are naturally rather distrustful. They are sceptical about attractively priced offers because they are associated with low-quality products – which unfortunately often turns out to be true. However, Dako Furniture offers high-quality furniture at attractive prices. How it’s possible? Well, furniture in Dako is packed and stored flat, which significantly reduces the costs of production, storage, and transport. And it is thanks to such savings that the store can offer its furniture at extremely attractive prices.

Positive sides of online shopping

Contrary to appearances, buying furniture in an online store is not more complicated than buying clothes (sometimes it may even be easier). In addition, it comes with many advantages. One of them is definitely convenience. To go shopping at an online store, you don’t have to travel or make special preparations. You can do your shopping at Dako Furniture while sitting in your favourite armchair in the privacy of your home, enjoying a cup of tea.

Another advantage of online shopping is the lack of problems with transport because your products will be delivered to the address of your choice.

In case of doubt, you can also always contact the store service by phone or e-mail – without hassle, searching or unnecessary formalities.