We Are Antique Car Transportation Experts Located In South Florida

Owning a classic car is a lot like having a beautiful piece of history that you can share with other vehicle enthusiasts. The beauty of antique cars isn’t something that is easily replicated, which is why you want to make sure that you preserve the work that was put into its design. Our company is a leading expert in South Florida that offers elite transportation services that can help you rest assured that your treasure never sustains any damage as you move it to a different location.

Antique Car Transport
We understand that your antique car is your prized possession, and we begin taking care of your vehicle long before you ever reach out to us by putting together a solid team of transportation experts. Each member of our crew is hand-picked for their love of vehicles that includes a desire for preserving the beauty of every antique car that enters our hands. Patience is one of the qualities that our transport experts are known for, and they’ll take their time making sure that every step of the process is completed with gentle care for your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Antique Car Transport Companies
When you vet transport companies, you’ll also want to look for ones that offer you several transportation options. Our company uses different transport methods that allow us to create a customized plan for getting your antique car to its destination. Open transport is commonly used for modern vehicles, and you’ve likely seen these trailers taking new vehicles to dealerships. While you can choose open air transport, this tends to be the least safe way to move an antique car.
Enclosed auto transport carriers are another option. These reduce the risk of damage from flying road debris to nearly zero. With this type of transportation, proper loading and unloading is the key to success. This is where our team’s expertise and patience come into play. From the moment that we begin to prep your vehicle until the final harness is unsecured and it is rolled off the trailer at its destination, you can trust that every detail is handled with the utmost of care.

Antique Car Transportation Companies
You may also have unique needs for your antique car’s transportation that other companies might not provide. Our company offers coast-to-coast shipping along with options such as having your vehicle transported overseas to a completely different country. Whatever your needs are, we’ll figure out a plan to make it work. Therefore, we are often referred to as a concierge antique car transport service.

Antique Classic Car Transport
Our commitment to caring for antique cars is noticeable before you ever sign a contract. Similar to your vehicle, we’ll confidently guide you through the process of making sure that your car is prepped for transporting, and we’ll let you know if your car needs special care such as shrinking wrapping before it gets loaded. Once we pick up your car, we’ll keep you updated with vehicle tracking along with prompt responses that you have until your vehicle is safely received at its destination.