Wazirx referral Code 87b3yj3z for New User Sign Up Bonus 2021

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WazirX is India’s most trusted platform to buy coins and has a large user base. Wazirx is a better
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Wazirx Referral code87b3yj3z
Expiry date31-12-2024
KYC ApplicableYes

WazirX Sign Up

  1. Download the wazirx application from the playstore. Sign up with an email id and/or contact
  2. Register with wazirx by using the referral code 87b3yj3z
  3. Completing your KYC online includes your documents like a passport, driving license, and
  4. Wait 24 hours before submitting your KYC documents for verification by WazirX.
  5. Before making an investment, be familiar with the various coins and understand their

WazirX App’s Benefits

WazirX has a few key features that make it the most popular Indian trading app. These are the top
benefits of trading with wazirx referral code.

  1. coins best security.
  2. KYC is quick and simple
  3. Lightning fast transactions via the blockchain network
  4. Available on five platforms Android and Windows, Mac, Web, iOS.
  5. It is simple and easy to use.

WazirX WRX coin

WazirX backed WRX for the creation of the backbone to its ecosystem. To encourage WazirX
members to contribute, we created WRX tokens. We also reward our community for their
contributions to WazirX’s success. This allows WazirX to be true to blockchain and coins – and to
share the benefits from WazirX’s achievements with our supporters.

Referral Program of WazirX

Wazirx’s Referral Program is rewarding. In addition to 50% of the trading fee for new users, you also
get 50%. By sharing your unique referral number on social media and forums, you can earn extra
money. Use the referral code “87b3yj3z” when you sign up on wazirx.

WazirX Fees & Trading Fees (Trading Fees. Deposit and Withdrawal fee).

● WazirX has lower trading fees than Coinswitch, Binance, and other coin-apps..
● WazirX charges different trade fees. It is vital that you fully understand the differences so you
can make more transactions and save money.
● Every coins exchange is subject to three major fees: the taker fee, the maker fee, as well as
an intraday fee. Many Indian exchanges have recently added a deposit charge. These new
bank deposit fees came after coins exchanges were stopped by banks.

Final conclusion: WazirX India’s Number 1 coins Exchange. If you are looking to start trading coins
such as BTC, ETH or XRP, WazirX would be your best choice.