Ways to Secure Your Business’ Premises From Unauthorized People

Unauthorized physical access poses incredibly dangerous risks like criminal break-ins and the breaching of valuable and confidential business information from hackers. However, this can easily be done through loopholes like tailgating and the propping of open doors. This is why nowadays, placing a visitor management system or establishing stricter security policies and machines inside buildings, facilities, and establishments are important. If you’re looking for some foolproof ways to secure your facility from unauthorized access, keep reading. 


Visitor Management System

As the name suggests, a visitor management system manages and tracks everyone who enters a building. 


Years ago, visitor management systems were done through pen and paper — wherein a visitor has to write down their names, their phone number, and other essential details. However, thanks to technology and innovation, visitor management systems have now gone digital – and are a necessity for businesses, offices, and organizations. 


Visitor management systems nowadays have programmed IDs with RFID chips to ensure that the visitor is allowed access inside the building. Visitors that have an ID will easily be granted access. Those who do not will have to wait in the lobby for verification. 


In addition, automated visitor management systems create a contactless and more convenient sign-in experience for visitors and employees. Compared to pen and paper, it offers better efficiency and avoids unnecessary paper clutter. 


Plus, since everything is stored in a cloud system, you can easily track the visitors who have paid a visit to the establishment even from years ago. 


Furthermore, it offers the receptionists in your building an improvement in their role. They now get to accommodate more inquiries, document other needs, maintain more safety in the area, and welcome visitors better. 


Turnstile System 

You’ve surely come across a turnstile system at one point. When you’re required to insert your card in a machine before riding a train, scanning your concert ticket before coming into an arena, or tapping your ID on top of a card reader before you’re allowed to enter a building — these are all great examples of a turnstile system. 


A turnstile system is a smart gate system with automated gate control and a card reader. This kind of security system controls who and how many people enter a certain venue. Its card reader restricts passage only to those who swipe, tap or insert their card. And as you can see, it is utilized in almost all middle to high-traffic areas.


Let’s take a closer look at what a turnstile system can do.


Uses Of A Turnstile System 

Controlling Entrances 


Because a turnstile system requires a certain credential for an individual to enter, it easily controls who enters a building and why they are entering. It also reduces the mess of a crowd, as if enforces one-way human traffic. 




If you’re looking for a way to secure your business from unauthorized people, utilize turnstile systems. It greatly enhances security because it restricts access only to people that have the proper credentials like passes, keycards, IDs, or FOBs). The gates will stay locked and closed until these are presented. 


Attendance Count


Say your venue calls for only a certain number of people. It can be hard to count them person-per-person. This is where turnstile systems come in handy. Here, you get accurate counts of how many people enter and exit your facility. 


Key Takeaway

Unauthorized people in your facility pose dangerous risks like criminal break-ins and breaching of security. However, visitors can be challenging to control, especially in medium to high-traffic areas. Even if you have highly-trained and reputable security officers employed, it can still be overlooked, and there are many loopholes that can make way for unauthorized access like tailgating, weak and broken entrances, and propping open doors. 


To avoid these, and ensure absolute security and safety to your facility and building, pair your security officers and front office staff with integrated security systems like visitor management systems, turnstile systems, or even something as simple as a CCTV camera. 


These are some of the smartest investments you can make for your establishment because not only does it offer top-notch security, but it also makes everything more convenient, safe, hygienic, and efficient.