Ways to Save Money While Travelling

  1. Cook More, Eat Out Less

Eating at restaurants can be expensive and it takes a huge chunk of your budget for the trip. If you’re going to travel for longer than 3 or 4 days you should try putting cooking your own meals as an option.


     2. Travel Off Season

Avoiding holidays can save you money. Flights are more expensive during peak seasons because a lot of people are going to need or want to book a flight. Putting off your trip for even just 2 weeks can make the flight’s cost really cheap. Additionally, discounts and offers usually happen out of peak season.

     3. Stay in low Cost Accommodations

What will you do at a 5 star hotel if you’re going to be out exploring most of the time? Sometimes all you need is a nice place to sleep at. Usually, travellers wake up early in the morning, go out and then come back late in the night and they do this everyday until the last day of the trip. A hostel or even Airbnb can do just fine and it won’t take a huge chunk from your budget. It’s something you should look at because Airbnb has amazing choices for low prices.


     4. Currency

Play to your advantage, go to places where your own currency is worth more. This can vary depending on where you are in the world.


     5. Research

Look for blog posts or articles. It is nice to learn from other people’s experiences. You can save yourself from making the same mistake or you can get a few tips that you can try on your trip. It can be as helpful as trying to avoid some places to avoid crowds, to know where to rent a car or how much an activity you have been looking forward to might cost. It can be really helpful so it must be a habit you should do before travelling.


      6. Cut out on Shopping

It can be tempting but shopping also takes a huge chunk out of your budget. It is really understandable if it’s worth it for the price, especially if the item comes out cheaper compared to if you buy it from your own country but definitely avoid things that you can buy when you go home instead. Remember additional baggage also costs you money. 


     7. Save Money for the Trip

Being on a tight budget can be really stressful since there are a lot of unexpected things that can happen when travelling. You need a few extra bucks in case of an emergency. You can do this by being thrifty on your day to day basis. Like using Rebates Me when shopping. You can save money on your next trip to Target with a Target cashback from Rebates Me!


     8. Find Things to do for Free

There has to be things that you can do for free. This usually involves sight seeing or going to historical places that do not require an entrance pass. Or who knows with a little research you might discover a nice beach near you that you can go to.