Ways to Save Electricity at Home

As it is summer now at our doors knocking with its full power and it is going to be downpour of usage of electricity appliances to mediate the heating effect. But with the consumption of these appliances, your electricity bills will be burning a hole in your pocket. So, every summer, we live in tight spots that can be compromised, the heat or the big punch on your electricity bill? Fortunately, there are some low-cost ways to put a stop on incessant increase in electricity utilities. Some of them are given below to help you out in this battle of summer stroke and electricity bills.

Reduce energy waste  

Many rental properties as JLT apartments for rent are equipped with large appliances like washing machines along with dryers. They might be energy effective but still account for considerable shares in your electricity bills. You need to do only certain things to reduce the energy waste. As running appliances on full heaps so you do not need them more often and use them in low peak hours to avoid leaps in electricity bills.

Appropriate use of Air conditioning appliances

If you are using an old Air conditioner which has served you over 5 to 10 years, replace it with new ones as they are cost effective. Because older ones double the cooling cost and hence contribute a big share in electricity bill. Proper use of AC includes keeping thermostat at higher level and if the temperature outside is comparatively endurable, turn the AC off. In tolerable temperature, you can facilitate yourself with the services of fans.

Unplug appliances not in use

Even if you have powered off your devices and appliances which are not currently in use but still there is a need to unplug them. The reason is that these devices do serve as energy vampires, who suck all the energy while being not in running condition but just because they are plugged in. As they individually do not use much energy but collectively, yes, they have a due share in increase in electricity bill.

Astute Use of Lights

Wise use of lights can contribute to lower the skyrocketing bills in summer. Turn the lights off when there is no need for them. Turn on only those lights which can illuminate most of the portion of your home to avoid multiple lights at different parts of the home. Using induction lamps, LED lamps and CFL lights should be used as they offer low usage of energy and are in the long run in terms of efficiency. JLT apartments for rent are already pre planned with this and hence are on top these days among tenants.          

Keep the Windows and Doors Shut

The most common, effective and easy way to maintain your electricity consumption is to keep your curtains down, close the windows and shut the doors. By doing this you are blocking sunlight to enter the home and increasing its temperature. It is not brain surgery which cannot be comprehended easily, it is as basic as that.

Get Along with Low Voltage Devices

Instead of using high wattage appliances like ovens, going for low voltage one like microwaves, toaster and crock pots can save a lot of energy consumption. You can also replace your tube lights and bulbs with energy savers, your air conditioner with inverter AC as energy savers and inverter AC are served as low voltage devices.

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