Ways To Prevent Fine Art Prints From Dust And Moisture

A Fine Art Print is a word used to define a very high-quality print. Fine art prints are usually printed from digital files applying archival quality inks and on acid-free fine art paper. Fine art printing is also used for wall art. When looking for a print that will remain for decades then always prefer a paper that is acid-free. It is the acid content in various papers that makes them become yellowish, brittle & break over time. Fine art giclee printing came into existence in the wake of computer technologies growing more and more quickly available to artists.

The printers used for fine art prints are high-end devices or machines normally with 8 or 12 ink colorants and hence have a very broad color range. These shades or colors when combined together are able to create millions of different colors. They have a larger color variety than your standard format printer.

Fine art prints and canvas covers are recreations of digital or handmade artwork. As lively or vibrant as it looks, it needs the proper care to stay and look astounding always.

Keeping in mind the characteristics of the fine art prints, media and colors used, it is necessary to know and understand that aging of a print is a natural chemical and biological method. To prevent and stop them from pollution, sunlight, heat, moisture, smoke, dirt and air circulation, follow these 9 Ways to take care of fine art prints.

Avoid Direct Exposure Of Prints To Sunlight

  • To stop or prevents prints from fading
  • Prints are to be displayed inside or indoors only

Do Not Stack Prints Throughout Transport And Storage

  • Avoid stacking to stop and prevent from the shape-shifting
  • Separate them with parts of cardboard to avoid harm

Use Cardboard Packing During Transportation

  • Protect the print and frame carefully with heavy padding of cardboard
  • Bubble wrap and put it in a proper cardboard box

Clean In Every Two Weeks

  • Fix prints in a dust-free environment
  • Occasionally clean it with a soft brush or a duster to stop dirt buildup
  • Do not use cloth, cleansing products or water

Use Gloves

  • While handling or framing use the gloves to prevent fingerprints or marks on the print and frame.

Avoid From Extreme Climate Situations

  • Avoid extreme dryness, moisture, heat or cold.
  • Excessive climate situations can negatively affect the prints.

Fix A Rubber Bush To Prevent Moisture

  • If the walls are developing rust or dampness due to endless rains, there are possibilities it may spread to the frame.
  • Fix a tiny rubber bush in the backside of the frame to avoid the direct connection between the wall and the frame.

Avoid Glass For The Canvas To Breathe

  • Arts experience small, subtle changes over time due to moderate climatic changes, so it is best to leave them without glass to enable them to settle with these slight variations.

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