Ways To Mow Your Lawn By Using A Lawn Mower

Ways To Mow Your Lawn By Using A Lawn Mower

First and foremost, mowing is a highly effective way of promoting growth as well as keeping our lawns looking appealing and great.

However, we must mow our lawns properly because it can either be of help to the lawn or it can hurt it though it all depends on how the mowing is carried out.

Majority of the issues with our lawns are caused by very poor mowing practices which include either we are:

  • Mowing using dull blades
  • Mowing too short
  • Infrequently mowing, or;
  • Cutting way too much all at once

Mowing Your Lawn

For those who want to stay on the cutting edge of properly mowing their lawn, you can follow this website and steps as a guide. They include:

  • Your mower should be set high

It is vital that you set the mower at the preferred setting that is the highest for the type of grass on the lawn. Also, cut just the top one-third of the grass blades at a time, even though this could mean you will have to mow yet again after some days.
Your mower should be set high


This is advised because the long grass blades tend to grow and even back up more roots. Also, it tends to develop a root system that is deeper and capable of finding both nutrients and water in the soil.

However, although most of the grass types react better to having the mower well set to the highest
settings, some grasses prefer a middle setting while others prefer the lowest setting.

  • The lawn should be dry

The ideal time for mowing is actually early in the evening. When you now at the early hours of the day, the temperatures are at their highest and this stresses both the lawn and even the mower.

However, waiting for the early evening has the lawn already dry, the sun is not so intense and the lawn will have a good time to recover before the next day’s heat.

Note that, wet clippings have the tendency to clog the mower and this may result in it dumping clumps of grass on the lawn. For lawn mowing services you can have a look at Lawn Mowing Services Jacksonville Fl

  • The mowing pattern should be varied

Every time you embark on a mowing trip, make sure you do it in a totally different direction.

For those who always cut their lawn in the same pattern, note that the grasses learn the direction that it is being cut and starts leaning in the direction in which you mow.
The mowing pattern should be varied
When you vary your mowing pattern, you actually aid in avoiding any form of ruts in the lawn. Also, the grass will stand up nicely as well as tall.

  • The mower’s blades must be sharp

To achieve the cleanest cut, you should sharpen the mower blades at the slightest sign of wear. You will have to do this because the dull mower blades can cause weakness in the grasses and make them vulnerable to diseases, heat, insect damage and even drought.

Furthermore, a tune-up of your mower and sharpening of the blades at least once a year will help the mower start easily, cuts will be cleaner and your clippings will be sliced without the blades being bogged down.

Wrapping It Up

These are some of the steps to follow when you decide to finally mow your lawn. However, after reading up on this article, you should ensure that you push the mower in a forward direction at all times and importantly, wear shoes that protect your toes and not flip flops.