7 Ways To Make Your Child Laugh

Children are not always in a good mood. Sometimes they are sad and need a little cheering up.
In these moments it can be difficult to think of ways to make your child laugh. Here are 7 ways
that you can make your child laugh out loud.

Watch funny videos

A visual way to make your child laugh is by watching funny videos. YouTube is a great resource
for this. There are thousands of videos that you can choose from. The laughing song video by
GooGoo and GaaGaa should do the trick.

Sing songs

When it’s not possible to watch a video, a silly song can make your child laugh. You can make
up a silly song and sing it in a silly voice. Or, you can take a popular song and change the words
to make it sillier and funnier. Having your child join in is a great way to help your child forget
about being grumpy to begin with.

Make silly faces

A popular way to bring a smile to a kid’s face is to make silly faces. There is no right or wrong
way to make silly faces, anything goes. You can start by sticking out your tongue or crossing
your eyes. Adding silly noises can also increase the chances of your child laughing too.

Tell dad jokes

The sky’s the limit when it comes to dad jokes. Dad jokes consist of knock-knock jokes, puns,
and funny sayings. Some of the funniest dad jokes can be found on dad jokes Reddit. These
jokes are great for kids ages 5 and up. And they are great for adults that are sad or are in a bad
mood too.

Sock puppet show

This method requires no skill whatsoever. All you have to do is get one pair of your clean socks
and put a sock on each hand. Then proceed to give each one a funny voice and put on a
creative puppet show. The more creative you are, the funnier that your sock puppet show will
be. And the faster that your child will forget about they were in a bad mood.

Game of tickle

A great game of tickle almost always makes kids laugh. To kick the game off, all you have to do
is pretend that you are a silly tickle monster. Start by tickling under the arms and watching your child laugh.

Pretend to be a farm animal

Act like a pig or cow and watch those frowns turn upside down. You can also be a chicken or
horse. Being a rooster works too. Regardless of the farm animal, have fun with it because it will
bring a smile to your child’s face.

Bottom line

Kids, just like adults, have their good days and bad days. And there is nothing wrong with trying
to make your child laugh when they are grumpy. Being in a bad mood is not fun. And the sooner
that you can make your child laugh, the better they will feel.

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