Ways to Increase Your Profits

Are you just starting out? Maybe you’re an established business who wants to grow more, or maybe you’ve hit rough times and are looking for ways to boost cash flow again. A lot of time goes into making a business profitable, but when it is profitable you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment doing something most actually fail at. If you’re looking into increasing your profit margins, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a few handy tips and suggestions to get you to making money again. Read on if you’re interested!

1. Calculate Costs

You need to get all your bookkeeping together to see just how much your outgoings and incoming are. After this has been evaluated, you can start figuring out where costs can be cut and which revenue streams to focus on. You really want to take a deep dive into your finances as the little things do all add up. Maybe you’re spending a lot of money on staples or something, add that up over a year, and you could buy a decently sized Facebook ad campaign that would expand your brand awareness and allow for contextual targeting of your preferred audiences.

2. Automation

You want to make it your mission to make your business as simple as possible. Complexity isn’t always a good thing. The simpler things are, the easier they are to grasp and change in the long term if needs be. With constant advancements in technology, not everything needs to be done by a human worker who needs paying and time off. Some things can just be automated away, so they work 24/7, and the only costs you have to pay for are maintenance and programming.

3. Marketing

All great businesses effectively utilize marketing. Marketing allows you to show potential clients what you have to offer them. If they’re impressed, then they’ll buy what you’re offering. It really can be that simple. Social media and online advertising are some of the greatest growth drivers at the moment. Getting in on this is essential in the new always-online world we find ourselves in.

4. Negotiate With Suppliers

It’s easy to be content with the agreements and deals you already have in place with your suppliers (If you have outside suppliers), but you’ll find that the longer you’re with a supplier, the more wiggle room you’ll get to negotiate your existing agreements. The lower you can procure your goods, the bigger the profit margins you can achieve. It’s a no-brainer. Not every supplier can be negotiated with, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never find out. 

5. Plan For the Future

It’s always tempting to think about the next moneymaking opportunity, but sometimes it’s good to just pause and look at the big picture. It’s tempting to be constantly expanding but see if you can cut costs and make current processes more efficient before you develop further. Once you know you’re ready to expand, then you should come up with a well thought out business plan that utilizes the tips above. It’s better to plan for the future than to just solve everything as it comes at you.


We hope this article helped give you some ideas on making your business profitable for the first time or profitable once again. Analyze your budget and see where you can cut costs and where you can make more revenue. Automate if needs be, market your products and/or services and be sure to get the best deals from your suppliers. Once you’re profitable and your projections are healthy, you can then start planning for future expansion.