Ways to Improve Your Skincare Routine

When looking to improve the appearance of your skin, the number of beauty products you have doesn’t matter; how you use them does. Also, you have to identify and ditch lifestyle factors that could be damaging your skin. The goal of a skincare routine is to work on damaged areas and tune-up complexion. Here are ways to improve your skincare routine.

Wash Your Face

The simplest way to improve your skincare routine is to wash your face both in the morning and at night. Rub your face gently with a cleanser and rinse with clean water. Rinse your palms and massage your face with little pressure until you get rid of grime and cleanser. Use a soft towel to pat your face dry and wear your makeup. Remember to cleanse your face again at night to remove your makeup and dust.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe a blotchy or red complexion. Cold beverages are suitable for your skin because hot beverages can aggravate symptoms of rosacea and skin redness. Another benefit of green tea is that it prevents skin DNA damage by the sun and collagen destruction that makes wrinkles more pronounced.

Enhance Air Quality

Smoky environments are detrimental to the skin. Smoke triggers the release of free radicals that can accelerate aging and crack your skin. Also, small indoor pollutants can take a toll on your skin too. Therefore, it is imperative to change the air filter in the furnace frequently to prevent trapped dust from getting indoors. Dry indoor air is a culprit of dry skin. Thus, you should run a humidifier to reduce the cracking and drying of the skin.

Exfoliate Several Times A Week

As we age, natural exfoliation slows down, making the skin lose radiance. This means that the skin doesn’t get rid of dead cells naturally. When the skin surface is full of dead cells, it appears dull and doesn’t reflect light like before. Additionally, dead cells create a physical barrier between the skin’s topmost layer and the products you are using. That means all the ingredients of skincare products sit on the dead cells’ surface and aren’t absorbed into the skin. For that reason, it is prudent to exfoliate at least thrice a week to remove dead skin. For better results and to avoid skin irritation, use a gentle exfoliator.

Don’t Expose Your Skin to Heat

Besides watching out for the sun, you need to limit your skin’s exposure to fireplaces and heaters that can dehydrate it. Extreme heat leads to collagen breakdown and inflammation. Renowned dermatologists recommend staying at least a foot away when roasting meat or chestnuts over an open fire.

Manage Stress

Besides using quality products, you need to take care of your skin from the inside. Stress has a devastating impact nearly on all parts of the body, your skin not being an exception. A study found that stressed people experience more acne breakouts. Stress triggers hormones like cortisol, making the skin oiler and compromising its ability to fight acne-causing bacteria.

To keep your skin glowing, embrace stress management techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and medication. Keeping stress levels low goes a long way in easing conditions such as rosacea, acne, seborrhea, and psoriasis.

Have Better Sleep

Enough sleep has numerous advantages for your body. The skin repair mechanisms are active when we are asleep. On the contrary, sleep deprivation makes one stressed, increasing cortisol and adrenaline release, which are culprits of acne breakout. A study found out that people who slept for seven to eight hours every night had better glowing skin.