Ways To Improve Essay Writing Skills

Not everyone possesses good writing skills. Essay writing is an effective and useful skill that every person should possess to express themselves on paper. 


The good news is, it is not a very big task to become a pro essay writer even if you don’t know how to write an essay or want to improve your essay writing skills. 


Excellent essay writing skills comprises a solid base of writing skills in general. Sharpening and strengthening basic writing skills can make a huge difference to your essay writing skills. 


So, in this article we will learn about how to improve your essay writing skills by following and keeping certain basic things in mind.


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Now, let’s begin. 

Work on the basics: 

Before starting writing essays, you should try and work on your basics. This would involve understanding the basics of writing and learning about basic grammar rules that are used most often. 


You should also try to improve your vocabulary to learn about different words and their meaning. This will help in explaining more efficiently by using appropriate words while writing the essay. 

Understand the structure:

Learn about the structure of writing articles and essays in general. The structure explains about all the elements that you have to keep in mind while writing an essay. Here’s an outline of a strong essay structure:


  • Beginning of the essay: Essays generally start with an eye catchy statement that excites a reader about the topic and creates curiosity about what they are going to read next. So, try learning about how to start writing an essay to create curiosity amongst the readers.
  • Body of your essay: Keep the body of the essay informative and well divided into meaningful paragraphs. Try and cover each and every point in detail to explain everything to the reader. 
  • End of the essay: End the essay with a solution or a crux that explains the whole point of the essay. Don’t forget to summarize all the points at the end of the essay. 

Read Essays from the experts:

Make a habit of reading essays that are published or written by experts in that particular field. This will give you a detailed idea about how to write the perfect essays. 


Make sure that you just take ideas and make your own writing style. Don’t just copy anyone’s style because creating your own writing style is very important when it comes to creative writing, especially article or essay writing. 

Check your writings again and again:

Check your writings again and again. This will help you in comparing how you used to write earlier and how you write now. This comparison would help you in finding out how much improvement you’ve made so far. 


Choose words and phrases properly:

Do not try to overwrite words or phrases in your essays just for the sake of increasing its length. Remember, if you can explain something properly with one line, there is no need to write a paragraph and if you can explain something with a word, there is no need to write a line for it. 

Grammar and Vocabulary

Work on your grammar and try to make it as good as possible. An excellent piece of content with correct grammar is all that a reader wants. Grammatical mistakes tend to set the mood off which is not at all required by you when it comes to your piece of essay. 


Vocab is one thing which is never ending. So, try to learn new words and phrases everyday. If not, try to learn or improve your vocab about the topics that you want to write about in the form of an essay.

Tone of the Essay: 

Keep the tone of the essay simple and informative Do not try to over hype your writing or even use negative language or tone in your essay. Try to keep things simple and informative to turn the essay in a meaningful piece of content. 


Final Words:

Essay writing is an important and useful skill to include in your set of skills. 


Try to implement all the above tips to improve your essay writing skills. Hope this guide or set of tips helped you to write better essays. 


You can also share some more tips(if you have any) in the comment section below.