Ways to find out about your child’s gender in The Sims 4

Boy? Girl? Twins? In The Sims 4 , just like in real life, we have no influence on the gender of the child … But are you sure? Well no! There are secret ways for an infant (or infant) to come to our home.


Bucking boy is the perfect complement to any family. So how do you make sure that a mother carries a future footballer or astronaut under her heart?

First, a pregnant woman must eat carrots … There is no specific amount of vegetables she must eat, and it doesn’t have to be just carrots. You can treat them as cravings between meals.

Another way is to listen to alternative music . For example, when reading a book, eating, or even dancing to its rhythm, on crazy ladies outings. It’s not worth giving them up during pregnancy, right?


A little room decorated in pink? Prepared cradle, with soft bedding, suitable for the baby’s delicate skin? So only one thing is missing. What to do to fill our house with the sonorous laughter of a chirping girl?

The first method, as an alternative to the boy, is to buy plenty of strawberries which the pregnant woman should eat. It can also be self-grown fruit. It is always more ecological and healthy, and this is what future mothers usually care about in their diets.

In the case of girls, it is worth listening to pop music in their spare time . It does not matter whether silently on the headphones or turning up the volume of our radio. After all, the neighbors will understand …


If we want our house to sound with chatter not one, but at least two creatures, it is worth arming yourself with a few “helpers” before getting pregnant.

The first is the “Fertile” feature-award . Both the expectant mother and the father can have this trait. It can be bought with Life Happiness Points and makes conception faster. It is worth noting that this method INCREASES the chance of twins, but does not guarantee it.

Another method is the “In Line of Power” lot trait . As with the reward trait, it increases the chances of conceiving twins, but is not 100% guaranteed. It is worth noting, however, that adding “In Line of Power” to a home lot feature and buying both parents the aforementioned feature greatly increases the likelihood of twins.

The last way is to watch children’s TV and listen to children’s music . It doesn’t always work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. After all, what is not done to create your ideal family?

Mods and cheats

If we do not care about a fair game, or if the child’s gender is VERY important to us, it is worth considering uploading mods that, by interfering with the game, can meet our expectations We Can Use Cheat also For Gender Speed up Pregnancy  We Found Best Site For All Cheats Kody Do The Sims.

As a last resort , you might find the forcetwins code , the use of which works like the features. Increases the likelihood of twins.

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