Ways to Decorate Phone Case

A cellphone is one of the most well-known devices on the planet. We all work, connect, and entrust a great deal of responsibility to our mobile phones, so it’s critical to keep them safe!

The current market is flooded with mobile covers from various brands, making finding the perfect back cover for your phone a difficult task.

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Phone cases are made to fit your phone exactly and protect it from all forms of damage. A phone case is an essential phone accessory since it protects your phone from falls. It’s best to avoid scratches, cracks, and malfunctions. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns available for the phone case.

Everyone contemplates getting a phone case that will fit and safeguard their device after purchasing a smartphone. The phone case adds a new look to it and allows it to be handled more easily.

Phone cases are made to fit your phone flawlessly and protect it from harm. A phone case is a useful phone accessory since it protects your phone from drops. It is best to avoid scratches, cracks, and malfunctions. Sizes, shapes, and patterns are all available for the phone case.

Let’s have a look on,

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Different ways to Decorate Phone Case

  1. Have you ever experimented with marbling your nails? This is a much simpler DIY project to replicate without making a big mess. To make this phone case, drop nail paint into a dish of water and swirl it around. When you’re happy with the marbling on the water’s surface, dip the case. For the best results, use three different nail paint colours.
  • This is the case for you if you want to draw attention to yourself everytime you’re caught on your phone. Toss in a strand of thread. This is a fantastic way to merge cross stitching’s age-old technique with modern technologies. The finest aspect is that only your imagination restricts your options. Begin by obtaining a blank cross stitch case for this DIY phone case.
  • When your phone case is rough and has blunt edges, texting all day might be taxing on your hands. The  DIY cover adds a thick and plush tapestry to the back of the phone, making it considerably more comfortable to handle.
  • If you were one of the many individuals who ordered a rose gold iPhone, you may have been dismayed to hear that your case would hide the metallic backing. Many people opt to keep their phones unprotected or to purchase a clear case. Clear cases are impersonal, but this DIY brings out the colour of your phone while also adding a dash of glitz.
  • Crafters will appreciate clear phone cases since they allow you to change your case as often as your wallet. If you enjoy scrapbooking, look through your supplies and choose a few patterns that you like. If you don’t have any, you can make due with old wrapping paper, tissue paper, or an old greeting card.
  • If you don’t have anything to serve as a case around the house, consider printing a pattern off the internet. Several graphic artists have made free designs and patterns that are perfectly scaled for phone cases available.
  • Another option for a colourful DIY phone case is to pick up some paint swatches from a local hardware store. Make a template and cut the swatch to fit the template. Cut a hole in the phone casing for the camera, and there you have it. Your own personalised phone case.
  • You may use pressed flowers to construct a variety of crafts, but have you ever considered using them as a focal point on your smartphone? Some pressed flower cases glue the petals to the interior of a clear phone case to protect them.
  • This simple but effective phone cover concept will appeal to artists and crafters alike. For your project, pick an art medium and a sheet of medium-weight white paper. Watercolors were used to make this case art, although markers might have a similar impact. If you’re not confident in your artistic ability, cut a page from an adult colouring book, colour it to your heart’s content, and use it as a phone case.

Nonetheless, the following are arguably the most significant advantages of the phone cover 

  • Some situations require more than just protective covers.
  • A case enhances the appearance of your mobile phone.
  • Drop protection
  • Heating and dust resistance
  • Protective for mobile
  • Tactile and anti-slip
  • Unique and stylish look

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