15 Ways to Achieve Fitness Over 40

People often ask how easy is it to stay fit over 40? With so many types of workouts available it can make your head hurt wondering where to start. But we all know we should start as being fit and healthy ensures a better quality of life and it lowers stress levels. Putting a fitness regimen together when you are over 40 is not an easy task but we break it down for you so that you can start right away. Keep reading to find how you can stay fit over 40 with X boom fitness by following these simple to follow tips.

Easy Ways to Achieve Fitness Over 40

  1. Drink More Water

DrinDrinking more water is always a great choice for your body’s wellness. Water keep muscles hydrated, helping you stay fresh and feeling better for longer. Water reduces tiredness and increases your energy levels.

  1. Making a Schedule Will Help Your Body

Making and sticking to a schedule will make your body adapt to the new stress placed on it by your exercise routine. This will condition your body to get used to your new workout plan. Knowing what time your workout will take place gives you a balanced approach towards the day and allows time for other activities to be ticked off your schedule.

  1. Walking Is Your Best Friend

Walking is the best friend that you never wanted but always needed. It refreshes your mind while giving you a boost of oxygen and stamina everytime you go for a brisk walk. Though walking must be done at the pace most suited to you, try to do a brisk walk for better cardio and stamina improvement. This will help improve yourfitness levels and the oxygen intake capacity of the lungs. Walking is one of the bestand safest fitness exercises for over 40’s.

  1. Go for a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet ensures that you are getting the nutrients that your body needs from different sources of food along with the fibre that is essential for a healthy gut. Try to balance the intake of carbs, proteins fats and essential nutrients to what you need. If you are trying to maintain or lose weight a good calorie tracking app from the play store will work wonders, It will show you exactly what you are eating and you will be surprised at the ratio of fats, carbs and proteins your consume. A good app will also have the recommended macros all done out for you to follow. This will boost daily energy levels and allow you to have a healthy body composition.

  1. Use bike to commute

We often get asked what is the best workout when you are over 40? Now, the answer differs for each individual but, one does not need to do the best workout necessarily. You can incorporate some more cardio into your daily activities. Biking to the nearest store to get your parcel is a sure-fire way to improve your stamina while giving your heart a healthy boost. Cardio improves strengthens the heart muscles which is very necessary to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Fasting 

Fasting is a great way to boost the metabolism and remove harmful and unwanted toxins from the body. When toxins are removed, it improves the metabolism as well as the digestive system and this creates an excellent healthy environment for the body when combined with cardiovascular fitness. Once you take part in some medium to high intensity exercise for short periods of time your metabolism will increase, which has the nice benefit of burning up fat stores.

  1. Consistency> Intensity

Try to always show up for your workout. The intensity matters but consistency produces results that even intensity cannot. Make a fitness timetable and stick to it. 

  1. Health And Fitness Of Your Gut Must Be Made A Priority

Choose and eat foods that keep your gut healthy. The gut is key to long lasting health. A happy and healthy gut always equals a happy and healthy you! Choose probiotics or add healthy natural foods such as kefir to your diet. It also helps to have a daily routine of eating at the same time. 

  1. Exercise at your own pace

Not everybody can workout at the same pace. We are all unique and once your body goes over 40 it needs a pace that best suits you. Training long and hard takes a lot out of your recovery capabilities and you can soon over train. Keep high intensity tabata workouts at bay until your fitness levels are high. Start slow and build up to a challenging but not over burdening pace.

  1. Make use of online programs

Online programs are very convenient and allow you to workout in the comforts of your living room with a personal motivational exercise coach. They are more affordable than the gym subscriptions and more convenient in the current pandemic situation.

  1. Listen to your body

You only get the one body so you must look after it. To avoid injuries and burn outs, listen closely when it’s asking you to stop or take a break from the schedule. Always take breaks and if there is pain or if your body is hurting, stop and don’t force the fitness routine on yourself.

  1. Always Take breaks in Between

Make scheduled rest days as part of your routine. This allows the body to recuperate and heal. Breaks allow your body some much deserved and needed rest which ultimately helps in maintaining the balance of your body. If you don’t take breaks, it will make your body feel burned out in the due course of time.

  1. Be positive

A positive attitude can always help you lift the energy of the day. Avoiding negativity will help you stay happy and healthy. Studies have suggested that staying positive boosts up the immune system and can help you achieve tasks that seem impossible.

  1. Nutrients are a must

Nutrients allow your body to get the energy it needs to get the work done it’s asked to do on a daily basis. They also give the body the ability to repair and heal itself if a setback occurs. Eat nuts, add fruits and raws to your diet so that you supplement your body with everything that it needs. Over 40’s health and fitness is greatly impacted once you include these.

  1. Get proper sleep

Sleeping is vital for the wellness of the body. As per the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, USA, getting adequate sleep is very important for a healthy body, a healthy mind and the overall health of the individual- specifically for people in the age groups of over 40.


Fitness is easy if you break it down in simple steps. X Boom fitness is dedicated to make life simpler for you by making you fit in a way that suits your lifestyle. We provide a dedicated over 40 fitness program– both nutritional and fitness based, to suit your needs. We have expert resources written by personal trainers and published authors that can help you achieve your fitness goals.