Ways On How You Can Properly Maintain a Road Roller

Ways‌ ‌On‌ ‌How‌ ‌You‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Properly‌ ‌Maintain‌ ‌a‌ ‌Road‌ Roller‌

The road roller has become one of the primary types of construction vehicles used in the industry. With the ability to flatten and compact different areas of a construction project, road rollers are important when it comes to creating stable surfaces and foundations. This specific function has turned the road roller into a specialized machine that ensures you have a stable surface that enables you to create pathways, road systems, and other kinds of projects. 

How to Maintain a Road Roller

Like every construction vehicle, road rollers require regular maintenance to keep them in good running order. Being vehicles that are subject to rough terrain and extreme industrial and construction conditions, it is crucial to follow proper maintenance procedures to ensure you have everything in check at all times. Here are steps that you have to follow when maintaining your road roller. 

Conduct Daily Maintenance

To make sure you have a road roller that is in perfect running order, conduct daily maintenance checks in order to scope out any problems and issues with the machine. Daily maintenance checks are important for any kind of industrial or construction equipment, as performance and safety are a crucial element for the success of a project. 

Daily maintenance includes checking all individuals parts and components to see if there is any malfunctioning present, along with checking if certain sections are clean and free of any dirt and debris that can be obstructive. This is best done before using the road roller itself, ensuring that it will keep running well during the whole day, preventing anything that can hamper your operations. 

Check your Water Systems

The road rollers’ water system is in charge of keeping the roller drum clean when being operated, preventing dirt, dust, and other elements from sticking to the drum. A faulty water system can cause the road roller to create uneven surfaces, which means that it must be redone to get the desired result.

This can also cause other mechanical problems as well, as the dirt and debris can enter the machine and damage parts inside. To prevent this issue from happening to your road rollers, always make sure your water system is functioning properly and keep the filters clean to have the best performance. Make sure you also fill up the tank with clean water to ensure that the system is able to clean properly. 

Drum Cleansing and Maintenance

The most important part of the road roller is the wheel drum, as it is the part of the vehicle that allows it to perform its primary function. Wheel drums help flatten and compact surfaces accordingly, creating smooth areas.

To make sure that the wheel drum would be able to consistently create smooth surfaces, make sure there is no damage present in the drum itself. Any form of damage on the wheel drum can affect the surfaces, as you would be able to see blemishes and uneven surfaces.

It is best to clean and repair your drum to make sure it will continue to do its job. It is also important to keep the drum lubricated well, as it has to keep rolling constantly to ensure the smoothest surface available. 

It is also important to maintain your tires as well, as they need to remain inflated properly to prevent it from creating uneven surfaces. It is best to also replace any damaged tires, as this can get compromised further by rocks, gravel, and other types of blunt and sharp objects present on the construction site. 

Maintain your Shock Mounts

A road roller’s shock mounts are an important part of the machine, as it is used for the vehicle’s vibration system during the rolling process. This mount prevents the vibration from being felt by the vehicle operator, keeping it within the drum during operation.

A faulty shock mount means that the drum vibration can be felt across the whole, machine, which can affect the performance of the whole vehicle. 

When it comes to shock mount maintenance, always make sure the hydraulics have enough fluid to allow them to operate. This fluid keeps the machine running smoothly, while also blocking vibrations.

Overheating is another common shock mount issue, which is why it is best to cool down the machine after use to prevent further damage from occurring. Cracks and tears can also appear on your shock mounts as well, which is a sign that they have to be replaced before completely breaking away. 

Check Fuel Levels and Air Filters

Road rollers are designed to operate for a long time during the day, as projects can vary in size and scope. This means the vehicle must have enough fuel to last the whole day before needing to be replenished.

Fuel levels can vary for each road roller, with bigger rollers requiring you to use up more fuel due to their larger engines and components. Make sure you have it refueled during the start of the day, and at the end of the day to ensure that it would remain operable over the course of the whole project.

Air filters are another component that you must regularly maintain, as it helps block out any dust and dirt from entering your engine. Road rollers operate in areas that have high dirt and dust content, which is why having a clear air filter would make sure that your engines run smoothly without the worry of overheating or damage. Should the filter be too clogged for cleaning, always have a spare at the ready for replacement. 

Key Takeaway

Road rollers are an essential vehicle for any construction project, as they help create smooth and stable surfaces that are important for any major construction project. Proper maintenance and care are important for any type of machine, which is why keeping your road rollers well-maintained would allow it to operate at its full capacity. By following these tips, you now have the best process to keep your rollers running well.