Ways in which your company can reduce its printing costs

Would you like to reduce your business printing costs? No matter if you produce leaflets, business cards, letterheads, flyers or all of them, print media is surely a key part of the marketing strategies for many companies. This is why it’s important to reduce printing costs for a number of reasons.

Studies have demonstrated that fifty-six per cent of your customers believe print to be one of the most credible types of marketing out there. While it is true that online marketing is on the rise, it is still important to keep in mind that in order to gain the trust of potential customers, you should create a mixed marketing campaign.

Marketing is becoming more complex and costly for businesses, and so it is good to save some pounds wherever we can.

Throughout the following lines we highlight some of the main tips so that you can reduce your business printing costs.


Print only what is necessary

This might sound obvious, but several firms fall into the trap of printing large quantities of materials before evaluating what they really need. As a consequence we end up pilling up a number of documents that could easily be avoided. When it comes to marketing files and documents, printing fewer things each time will allow you to capitalise on a campaign and thus change it for the next print run, therefore making your strategy efficient and flexible.


Look for the ideal printing provider that will suit your needs

Finding the right printing provider to manage your marketing print is essential. Look for a printing business that works with businesses similar to your own, this way they will be familiar with the type of work you are looking for.


Print batches in order to save some money

It’s worth keeping all your printing activity under one roof so that you can reduce your business printing costs. As well as offering lower rates for old customers, several print shops will give you a reduced price per unit when you print large quantities of each piece.



Keep this in mind when planning your printing for marketing materials, and ensure you speak to the account manager to understand what they can do for you.


Cleanse your data

In case you are planning to produce large direct mail-outs of printed materials, make sure your data is as precise as possible before ordering your printing. This will considerably reduce the number of pieces returned to sender.


Avoid in-house printing as much as possible

You will always have some documents that need to be printed in your office, but it’s definitely worth setting guidelines in place to guarantee that your printing is always kept to a minimum. Encourage colleagues to email whenever it’s possible and proof on the screen before printing out a document, so that you lessen the impact of a printer on your business purse strings.

A paperless office might seem very appealing, but for some of your consumers print is still just as important. We will never entirely eradicate printing and its associated costs. By following the above recommendations you will be able to reduce business printing costs while seeing a higher ROI or return on your investment.