Ways Improving Your Labeling & Artwork Management Process Can Help Drive Speed To Market


We live in a world where everything is constantly changing and evolving. Industries that are highly regulated also experience this rapid change, especially in their processes of Artwork & Label Management with changing rules and laws. Trying to enter new markets also brings the challenge of navigating through these new changes in these markets in a manner that is beneficial.

Businesses also find it difficult to keep up with the changes that happen in markets where they already have an established position. They need to keep a track on all the changing rule and laws. Brands need to be equipped with tools that speed up the process and deliver high-quality products. 

The Need for More Advanced Artwork & Label Management

With digital methods and online solutions with artwork management software many brands have achieved management over many important elements such as specialized labeling, transparency, and traceability over their products.

It has become increasingly clear that traditional and orthodox methods of artwork management are not enough to match the speed of the ever-changing markets. It is only with an effective digital solution that brands can keep up with the speed as well as compliance.

Every day more brands are accepting the benefits of digital systems and their single and central respiratory system which help to audit the process at every step. This helps to locate problems immediately and also prevent long-term issues while speeding up the process for better products. 

3 Ways To Improve Your Artwork & Label Management Process

1. Structure The Data In Order To Make It Traceable

It is very important for brands to store their data in a way so that they can trace anytime. Data has to be structured in a way that the artwork can be tracked independently of the product as well.

This is important for many reasons. For example, in case you launch a product with a certain artwork and label with a symbol and then after a while due to changes in the market a certain symbol has to be altered. The reason can be legal or sociological but the result will be that your brand will have to change the symbol in the artwork.

Locating all the products will take a very long time for your brand and you will lose time. That could have been spent launching a new product or doing something else for the brand’s profit. Every Version of label & Artwork has to be stored in a central library where each version can be traced, tracked, and controlled.

2. Create Collaboration Within The Value Chain

A data set can be created for the label once it has been structured into a single and central location. This can enhance collaboration between different departments like designers, brand owners, vendors, and many more. An automated system would make this collaboration much easier and convenient. Inputs, approvals, and rejections can be easily given as the data are in a single location.

There also needs to be access to this system for all 24*7 in order to increase speed. This is to cater to all time zones. Brands should prevent the delay in the process in order to keep up with the speed of the market. The digitally collected data will go straight to the people who need it. Approvals and inputs can be achieved much faster with a highly collaborative effort.

3. Replace Traditional, Manual, And Time-Consuming Processes With Automated Ones

Unlike traditional and manual systems of artwork management, an online solution is faster and cheaper. It also helps eliminate any space for errors made by humans. Many brands have adopted this method of Artwork & Label Management and have been successful in keeping up with the market changes.

A central system that houses all your designs, labels, and artwork are easy to identify and locate. Automated systems also have special features to make the process faster. For example, an online proofreading feature would allow the labels to be accurate, clear, and without errors. Reducing mistakes also means a lack of correction which can reduce the cost of production.

Final Thoughts About Digitizing & Enhancing Your Artwork & Label Management

An efficient and intelligent Artwork & Label Management system allows a brand to keep to the market with enhanced speed as well as provide advantages over the competitors. Impressive statistics and results are the reason a digital and online solution is the best way to manage artwork.